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Geotechnical drilling

The principle of sonic drilling initially represents the solution when conventional drilling techniques do not offer the desired results. This technology offers numerous advantages in both destructive and core drilling: increased productivity, 100% or near 100% sample recovery even in difficult soils, no or low deviation, no or little drilling fluid, etc...

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Optimal sampling of heterogeneous layers and hard formations

Need to sample in wet sands or other alluviums or in very heterogeneous geologies? With the highest possible recovery rates? Sonic coring is the answer. It can even sample in unsaturated soil layers. The most difficult to sample soils (silt, wet sand, peat, etc.) are recovered at 100%! Samples are taken by continuous coring, or only by taking a sample at the desired depth (targeted sampling) with the Aqualock.

The corers (single or double), with their Tungsten carbide crowns, are more suitable for mixed soils, gravels, cobbles, very hard rocks, etc., always with the same aim: to obtain up to 100% recovery at a speed that is incomparable to traditional methods.

In addition, the DUO option (double rotation head) offers the possibility of rotary drilling (tricone, trilam) and all types of conventional and wireline coring for deeper coring if required. The hydraulic head retraction also allows the installation of an automatic pile driver for penetrometric testing (SPT), standard core samplers, split tubes...

All of these can be used in conjunction with sonic casings. 

The use of lost tool casing also makes it an optimal destructive drilling method, which minimises yield losses by at least 70% compared to traditional drilling methods. Sonic drilling allows much faster drilling through gravel, cobbles, rocks and hard formations. Perfect installation is even possible in unstable sands.

Sonic drills in combination with their special soil and rock coring tools provide optimal data in a minimum of time, while remaining easy to use. The samples are whole, undisturbed and provide highly accurate geological information. They are ideal for accurate geological profiling and reliable laboratory analysis.


Drilling and coring in all types of soils, even very heterogeneous
Unsurpassed speed: 4 to 6 times faster than traditional techniques
100% or close to 100% recovery rate even in difficult terrain, for accurate and reliable results
Can be used in combination with traditional techniques (SPT, standard coring, augering, FDT...)
Data acquisition option for logging and visualization
Clean probing with little or no injection
Convenient and safe method


  • Mining surveys
  • Environmental recognition
  • Foundations (micro-piles, tie rods, piles, etc.)
  • Water drilling and geothermal energy
  • Seismic drilling.


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