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Apageo offers you its LugeoTEST®, in manual or automatic version, to allow in situ permeability tests according to the NF P 94-131 and NF EN ISO 22282-3 standards. Our LugeoTEST® , manufactured in our workshops, allow you to guarantee the stability and precision of the bearings throughout the test as well as an instantaneous measurement, which is mandatory for the realisation of Lugeon tests in accordance with the standards.

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The Lugeon test is an in situ permeability test performed in a borehole. It is applicable to fractured rocks, masonry and cohesive soils with mechanical strengthresistance corresponding to the water pressure applied during testing. The test allows to evaluate the possibility of water circulation in the ground and thus to detect heterogeneities or cracks.

Apageo manufactures 2 models of LugeoTEST®:
The manual LugeoTEST®: test carried out with the control box intended for the inflation of the obturator and the piloting of the water injection regulator, a complete injection line equipped with, among other things, an injection regulator, a volumetric counter and a manometer for measuring the injection pressure.

The automatic LugeoTEST® : test execution via GeoBOX® and its control box allowing the piloting of the different procedures inherent to the execution of the Lugeon test:

  • Inflating and bleeding the packer
  • Piloting the injection line using process predefined by the operator in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

In order to perform the test, a Triplex pump injecting with a 100l/min at a 11 bar pressure is necessary as well as a packer, extension rods (or a double heat-welded reinforced hose, allowing both inflation and injection of grout or fluids), a connection, a cylinder with a pressure reducer, and a water level probe (please consult us).

The recorded data can be directly processed by our GeoVISION®-L geotechnical data processing software. The data recorded with the automatic LugeoTEST® are transferred by USB key or 4G system. The data obtained with the manual LugeoTEST® can be recorded beforehand on the GeoBOX® acquisition unit in manual entry for transfer by USB key or 4G system, or taken manually and then entered into the computer.


Control panel for inflating packer and water injection pressure control
Complete injection line including overflow valve
Water meter with digital display (manual LugeoTEST®) or electronic measurement (automatic LugeoTEST®)
GeoBOX injection pressure measuring sensor (for automatic LugeoTEST® or for manual recording with manual LugeoTEST®)


Reliable and qualitative tests
Automatic model: Data acquisition via WIFI Instant display of the test on GeoBOX®
Transmission via 4G (optional)
Supply of a complete "turnkey" set with all accessories ready to work
Easy to use.


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