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ROTOSTAF® drilling rig

Specialised drill for the Out of Hole 76 and 90, STAR 67/74, NW 104-113n and the use of the STAF® self-drilling casing system.

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The RotoStaf® is a specialised machine that represents an advantageous means of setting up any casing system outside of Hole 76 and 90, the STAR 67/74 - NW 104/113, and of course for pressuremeter applications the use of the STAF® self-drilling casing system.

This drill is equipped with a simultaneous two-way rotation head and an off-hole roto-percussion hammer: the rods rotate to the left and the pipes to the right.

Thanks to the fruit of a successful reflection on the techniques for implementing cased drillings in alluvial and "bolting" soils, drillings are thus carried out more quickly, without risk of jamming, thus limiting manoeuvres and the risks of breakage. The cuttings are recovered via a discharge head and the boreholes are perfectly calibrated in the case of pressiometric drilling.

To encourage good practice, the RotoStaf® drill has an integrated and removable settling tank, which allows drilling mud to be recovered and sieved for reuse: a saving in production costs and avoids soiling the site.

Thanks to the ingenious simultaneous two-way rotation head, drilling is no longer subject to deviation.

The RotoStaf® is built on a welded frame and is available with a soundproofed HATZ 48 HP diesel engine.


Perfectly calibrated pressuremeter
Simultaneous two-way rotation head for fast forward drilling
Complies with CE safety standards without a protective cage (outer tube rotation less than 30 rpm)
Limits the risk of deviation, jamming and breakage
Integrated and removable settling tank with sieve for collecting drilling mud.


  • Off-hole casing system (Starex 76 and 90, STAR 67/74 - NW 104/113)
  • STAF® : self-drilling casing system in roto-staf mode (inner rods turn left, tubes turn right).


Welded chassis mounted on a fixed track hydraulic crawler
4 hydraulic stabilisation cylinders
Tool rack and towing hook
Radio remote control
Rod brake and hydraulic release key
Injection pump
Integrated and removable settling tank (110 L)
Storage box
Winch and hydraulic head retraction
Rock feed system.


Soundproofed HATZ 48 HP diesel engine.


Rotation head: Rotation speed 0 to 30 rpm (outside), 0 to 96 rpm (inside)
Rotation torque 321 daN.m (outside), 139 daN.m (inside)
Hydraulic hammer out of hole: 205j./stroke - 1355 strokes/min
Pulling force 0 to 5 090 daN.


Explofor® drilling parameter acquisition

Other options can be added on request.


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