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Down-the-hole hammers

Apageo offers a complete range of down the hole hammers designed for all types of rock, and to withstand the most difficult drilling conditions. Our down the hole hammers are of the highest quality and offer optimal performance. A very large stock including different shanks for all hammers is at your disposal.

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Our down the hole hammers and cutters have been field tested to strict quality requirements to provide consistent performance results. Comparative tests against leading brands in the market have been carried out to validate efficiency as well as competitiveness. We provide tools that offer unbeatable value for money in the market, both for the various down-the-hole hammers and their associated cutters. Our range also includes special hammers such as left-handed down-the-hole hammers and short hammers (total length only 55cm!).

We offer different types of down-the-hole hammers and cutters with the appropriate shank. Our range extends from 1" to 10" hammers, and all the different shanks most in demand are available from stock, specifically :

  • 1" Hammer: BR1 Shank (Bulroc type)
  • 2'' hammer: BR2 shaft (Bulroc type)
  • 3" hammer: DHD3.5, COP34 and BR3 couplings
  • 4'' hammer: DHD340 / COP44, QL40 and Halco4 couplings.
  • 5" hammer: DHD350 / COP54, QL5 and Halco5 couplings
  • 6" hammer: DHD360 / COP64, SD6, QL6 and Halco6 shanks
  • 8" hammer: Shanks DHD380 / COP84, SD6, QL8
  • 10" hammer: SD10 shank.


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