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FOX150 Portable/Dismantled 150kN Static Penetrometer

FOX150 modular 150kN static penetrometer, fully demountable and portable, specially designed for CPT(u) testing in confined spaces, restricted access and areas with limited heights.

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This penetrometer has a very good weight/power ratio with 150kN thrust cylinders, installed on a robust chassis with wheels while remaining very compact, just like the hydraulic unit that powers it. This equipment can also be installed on any type of carrier if desired.

Its low cost relative to the benefits it provides makes it the device of choice for many geotechnical companies.

If conditions do not allow it to be moved in its basic (fully assembled) version, the modules of this penetrometer can be detached and transported separately. The system can be fully assembled in less than 5 minutes, with the heaviest module weighing only 38kgs.

With a limited height of 1100mm (ideal for confined spaces), it can however be used with 1 metre rods when the automatic push/pull brake is fitted on it. The control module can either be attached to the penetrometer or positioned separately on a dedicated stand.

When anchoring is required for testing, the complete "Hygand" system can be used with this penetrometer, as well as a specific system for nailing to concrete. Of course the unit can also be fixed to any stable and robust base providing the necessary reaction force.

The hydraulic unit, available in diesel, petrol or electric versions, is mounted on a chassis with wheels and can be connected to the push system via 12 metre hoses (with push-pull quick-connectors). It can therefore be positioned outside the site or sounding point, a major advantage for enclosed or indoor areas.


Dismountable and portable
Ideal for confined spaces, interior and limited height
Wide choice of motors.


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


Welded frame with removable modules, all mounted on wheels with carrying handles
Robust anchoring beam
Control module (hydraulic commands) to be placed on the penetrometer or separately
Set of hydraulic hoses with quick push-pull connections.


Petrol engine HONDA GX 390 (hydraulic power pack 100-P)
Diesel engine HATZ 1850 (hydraulic power pack 100-D)
Electric motor ERIKS EMK B34-132 ALU (hydraulic power pack 100-E).


Push / pull capacity: 150kN / 220 kN
Push speed calibrated at 20 mm / sec for CPT tests
Speed (unloaded) 90 mm / sec up and 130 mm / sec down.


Data acquisition system (required for electrical CPT tests)
Transport trolley on wheels for CPT rods.

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