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Injection augers

Apageo offers a complete range of injection augers, available in various diameters and lengths. Our injection augers are manufactured in our own production unit with high quality materials to guarantee the strength and durability of our equipment.

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Used to aid the use of drilling fluid such as water or drilling mud, injection augers also allow the injection of cement grout. Available in diameters from 63mm to 225mm, injection augers are ideal for drilling in soft clays, medium clays and silts above the water table.

Our range consists of :

  • Injection auger 63 - E thread
  • Auger injection 102 - AWJ thread
  • Injection auger 114 - 2''3/8 API Regular thread
  • Injection auger 140 - 2''3/8 API Regular thread
  • Injection Auger 178 - 2''3/8 API Regular thread
  • Injection auger 225 - 2''3/8 API Regular thread.

The usual tools used are the tungsten injection tool for small diameters and the DP Rock injection tool for larger diameters, offering excellent performance for this specific drilling method.


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