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We offer a complete range of single or double plugs for all your injection work, permeability tests, sheet insulation, etc... Our plugs and sheaths are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure excellent resistance and optimal performance.

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The sleeve is the central element of a gate. Our casings are manufactured with a core of deformable metal sheets embedded in natural rubber, which gives them excellent resistance to the harsh tests of the injection site. Their optimal expansion ensures a good seal, even in boreholes with irregular walls, as well as ease of installation and recovery.

Our range consists of 9 diameters of plugs, from 28 to 170 mm, allowing perfect anchoring in drill holes from 35 to 350 mm, in single and double plugs. The vast majority of requests are for diameters 30, 42, 54 and 74 mm, but other diameters (85, 102, 130 and 170 mm) are also available.

The standard lengths of the casing are 300, 500 and 1000mm but special lengths can be offered on request. The standard length of the injection tube of the double gates is 1000mm but any other length and/or extension rods/canes can be offered.

We also offer single and double wireline shutters with a special ring that allows the shutter (in the case of a double shutter, the upper one) to be positioned and held just behind the crown on the extractor holder.

We also offer double-welded reinforced hoses, allowing both the inflation and injection of grout or fluids, but also the descent of the plug. This avoids having to use a set of rods for injection, and thus saves a lot of time on site, as it eliminates the need to lower and raise the injection rods.


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