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MRS Power drilling rig

The Sonic MRS (MidRotoSonic) range of drilling rigs includes models developed to incorporate the very powerful Sonic LS 50k drill head into robust drilling rigs. These drills are ideal for all types of foundation work (micro-piles, anchors, etc.), mining, deep geotechnical or environmental work (especially large diameter dry drilling).

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MRS drills offer much better performance than SRS and CRS for drilling larger diameters, or smaller diameters to a typical depth of 200 metres (depending on diameter and method). Whether in mixed formations or in very hard ground, destructive drilling is even faster while retaining the main advantages of the Sonic method (extreme straightness, little injection, etc.) and avoiding the costly and noisy use of a compressor (air drilling also possible if necessary). This is why these models are increasingly popular for foundation drilling or water/geothermal drilling.

Of course, core samples are always of the same quality and are taken at a speed that is incomparable to conventional coring, particularly in alluvial or mixed soils. Dry coring (without injection), even in large diameters, can be used for all types of environmental drilling and/or in polluted areas, nuclear, oil sites, etc...

The MRS range of drills consists of different versions, including :

  • MRS XL-Max drill: The basic model with many options
  • MRS-Duo drill: Equivalent to the XL-Max and including a second powerful conventional drill head, it is optimal for mining and deep geotechnical drilling: fast and reliable coring for high recovery rates and then wireline coring for deep drilling
  • The MRS-Mito drill, with its oscillating crawler and multi-angle articulation of the mast for work on all fronts, is therefore the ideal drill for all types of foundation work (anchoring, micropiles, jet-grouting, etc.).

Different configurations are available for the range: Track, Truck and Chassis (Head+Powerpack).

The MRS range of drills are available with a John Deere 250hp 6 cylinder diesel engine.


Powerful and versatile
Superior performance for drilling larger diameters and/or deeper
Fast destructive drilling without the need for a compressor
Optimal core drilling even in large diameters (larger than conventional diameters) and in dry conditions.


  • Foundations (micro-piles, tie rods, piles, etc.)
  • Mining survey
  • Environmental recognition
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Water drilling and geothermal energy
  • Seismic drilling.


Sonic mast and head carriage
Control panel on articulated arm
Radio remote control (and optional for control of all drilling parameters)
Triple rod brake
Injection pumps (Triplex FMC Bean pump 160 l/min - 45 bar for drilling + high pressure pump 210 bar - 19 l/min for Aqualock and cleaning)
Integrated aluminium water tank


John Deere 250hp 6 cylinder diesel engine.


Oscillating force: 226 kN
Frequency: 0 - 150 Hz
Torque (right / left): 712 / 950 m.kg
Static support: 8000 daN
Static traction: 12000 daN
Travel speed: 45 m/min
Useful stroke: 5200 mm.


  • ManipAll: Hydraulic handling system for rods and tubes
  • Hydraulic loading arm combined with a rod/tube rack (number defined according to Ø) with mechanical separator 
  • SPT & PDB Automatic Penetration Testing System
  • Triple rod brake with 20 ton puller system
  • Superior performance injection pump (several models available, including Duplex pump 570 l/min - 45 bar
  • Additional winches (manoeuvring and/or WL) with telescopic and hydraulically rotatable jib



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