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Polymers - Viscosants - Foams

Apageo has a direct relationship with mines and manufacturers and offers a complete range of polymers, viscosants and foams for your injection drilling work. A wide variety of drilling fluids adapted to different applications can be offered, in order to improve yields and ensure the completion of your drilling work even in the most difficult conditions and terrains.

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Below are the main polymers in our POLY range, but other more specific products can also be offered:


Liquid synthetic polymer (ready to use) acting as a viscosifier, clay inhibitor (cuttings encapsulation and clay stabilisation), filtrate reducer and helps to reduce drilling friction. It facilitates the removal of solids to avoid blockages and improves the lubricating and stabilising power of most Bentonites.


A synthetic polymer in powder form, it offers the same advantages and characteristics as Poly (L), the difference being that it is a powder instead of a liquid, allowing for more fluid to be mixed when required. It is also easier to transport.


A liquid synthetic polymer, it has very similar characteristics to Poly (L) and (P) but offers better filtrate reduction and is less clay inhibiting. It is the ideal product for plugging when circulation is lost during drilling. It mixes very easily with Bentonite, even with low agitation.


Natural biodegradable polymer used as a viscosifier and filtrate reducer for fresh and salt water based drilling fluids. Its composition provides additional clay inhibition and wall lubrication. Its viscosity is strong enough to be used alone as an alternative to bentonite, especially in permeable formations, which it will help to stabilise, and is fully biodegradable.


A modified cellulose polymer in liquid form, soluble in water or water-based fluid. It is specifically designed for filtrate control by minimising the viscosity-increasing effect on the sludge. It can be used with soft, hard or sea water and can be mixed with bentonite and/or conventional polymer, particularly to create a better cake.


Clay dispersant fluidizer for viscosity and gel reduction in high solids slurries. It neutralises electrical charges which allows a better grip of the bentonite and/or polymer on the borehole walls, thus allowing a significant reduction of the filtrate. It offers a high fluidizing power for bentonite or other charged fluids.

DP foam

Biodegradable surfactant mixture for air drilling. It allows a very fast release of cuttings, facilitates the ascent in case of air loss, and can compensate the good evacuation in case of insufficient flow of the compressor. This foam also prevents sticking in clay formations. It can be used with fresh or salt water, and can be mixed with Poly (L) or (P) to obtain a more compact foam, ideal for traversing loose ground and for better drilling stability. This foam is also used for hole cleaning.


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