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Apageo offers a complete range of scissometers, to perform and determine in situ shear strength of cohesive soils. The range consists of 3 stand-alone models, suitable for testing at 3 metres or 10 metres or 30 metres, and a more sophisticated CPT Electric Scissometer for use with a static penetrometer up to 25 metres.

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The scissometer is used for in situ measurements of the shear strength of cohesive soils. Scissometer surveys are fast, economical, have good repeatability, and provide reliable results for planning further investigations.

We offer 4 scissometers according to your needs:

  • Scissometer H-60 (test depth: 3 metres)
    The small, lightweight instrument can be stored in a carrying case. It allows the stability of foundations, excavations and ditches in clay to be determined quickly and easily. The special design of the extension rods gives the fittings a high resistance to buckling. Tests can be carried out to a depth of 1-2 metres in hard clay and up to 3 metres in soft clay. The scissometer can measure shear strengths of 0-60, 0-130 or 0-26 kPa depending on the (interchangeable) blades used.
  • Scissometer H-70 (test depth: 10 meters)
    Scissometer specially developed for the specific task of preliminary study in soft clays without pre-drilling, it allows investigations up to 10 meters depth by simple driving, or sinking of the reel. It is a light and portable instrument which requires only one operator, but mainly it is the only instrument equipped with an anti-friction coupling system allowing a 180° measurement, ensuring the precise reading of the real value of the lateral friction of the soil on the rods. The reel itself is made of high quality stainless steel.
  • H-10 Scissometer (test depth: 30 metres)
    The H-10 Scissometer is equipped with a reel that is fully protected and sinks under pressure. No rod-ground friction is possible thanks to its protective tubes. There is also no need to check the reel or clean it between shears (the clay adhering to the reel can considerably increase its surface coefficient). The H-10 Scissometer's protective shoe not only protects the reel but also automatically cleans it before each measurement. The shoe is particularly useful for testing stratified, sandy, stony and marine sedimentary clays. The H-10 Scissometer allows investigations to a depth of 30 metres.
  • CPT Electric Scissometer (test depth: 25 metres)
    This electric scissometer used in conjunction with a CPT static penetrometer is the top of the range model of scissometers. It is controlled by a PLC (central programmable logic controller) and includes a high precision torque sensor. The test procedure and data acquisition are fully computer controlled. The measured data is displayed in real time and recorded simultaneously. The scissometer works with standard CPT rods and tubes, reducing costs for companies already equipped with CPT equipment.


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