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Hollow stem augers

The use of Hollow Stem Augers is an optimal method of casing in advance allowing dry cased drilling in simple rotation without the use of drilling fluid such as air, water or drilling mud. Our auger robots manufacture these models in large series and the particularity of our hollow augers lies in their octagonal connection for a better distribution of the torque thus avoiding the risks of breakage known with the standard models in circular connection.

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The hollow auger system is designed to drill and tube simultaneously in dry conditions in gravelly or inhomogeneous soils, such as sand and gravel. This technique, which is widely used throughout the world, makes it possible to quickly create micropiles, or to install core drills from the inside of the auger, or to install piezometers without stressing the environment.

The Apageo hollow augers are manufactured with octagonal connections, a major advantage over basic circular connection hollow augers. This allows the torque of the drill to be distributed over the whole octagon and not just over 2 screws in the case of circular connection augers, thus avoiding breakage and low productivity.

In a standard configuration (auger+stem), when the desired depth is reached, the lower drill string and its tool are removed to free the space inside the auger. At this point it is possible to equip the borehole or take samples beyond this depth, or simply continue drilling in the usable diameter of the borehole.

When used with a lost tool, the internal drill string and its tool is replaced by a lost trilateral tool placed on the hollow auger drive tool, thus preventing sediments from entering the augers. Once the desired depth has been reached, the borehole is immediately cased and allows for the installation of micropiles or piezometers or other equipment to be placed in the well.

We offer a range of 4 standard sizes of hollow augers, defined by their inner and outer diameters:

  • 66 x 140 mm (inner Ø x outer Ø)
  • 82 x 175 mm (inner Ø x outer Ø)
  • 111 x 194 mm (inner Ø x outer Ø)
  • 159 x 254 mm (inner Ø x outer Ø).


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