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Rods and shanks

Apageo offers a complete range of rods, fittings and sleeves for off-hole roto-percussion drilling.

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Our rods and shanks are made of steel specifically treated for this drilling method to withstand the high energy and frequency of the hydraulic hammers. These high quality steels come from Sweden or Austria.

A large stock is available in our warehouses, with mainly R32 and R38 threaded rods but other threads can also be offered (R25, T38, T45, etc...). Rod weights (stabilising guides) complete the range with various accessories such as retaining keys or retrieval bells.

All common lengths are available: 0.60m; 0.91m; 1.22m; 1.52m; 1.83m; 2.43m; 3.05m. We also offer specific metric lengths in 1.00m and 2.00m, ideal for geotechnical applications for precise depth adjustment.

Other special features include male x female threaded rods, which eliminate the need for sleeve connections. They are available from stock in lengths of 1.52m and 1.83m as well as in metric lengths of 1.00m and 2.00m and can be supplied in other lengths on request.

We also have a large number of different fittings to suit all your working configurations.

Special rods and fittings can also be offered.


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