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Aqualock Soil Sampler

The patented Aqualock thin-walled piston corer is a unique, fast and reliable sampling technique for soft and alluvial soils.

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The patented Aqualock system, which can be defined as a thin-walled piston corer for sonic drilling, is a unique method:

  • Fastest and most reliable sampling technique for alluvial soils
  • Premium quality whole sample, obtained in minutes
  • Continuous coring or targeted coring (drilling and then sampling just at the target depth) without the need for casing
  • Valve-driven piston system
  • Holding the carrot by vacuum
  • Extraction of the core with the piston.

The Aqualock core barrel is pre-filled with water, which locks the piston at the bottom of the cutting kit. During sonic drilling, the Aqualock remains filled with (non-compressible) water, holding the plunger in place and allowing the corer to sink to the desired depth until you decide to sample. The piston is unlocked by sending push rods (not threaded) into the rod string, thus opening the valve (at the top) and releasing the piston so that it can freely ascend with the core and provide a complete intact sample even in very loose ground (silt, wet sand, gravel, etc...).

The push rods are then removed, causing the valve to close and creating a vacuum to hold the sample as the Aqualock is withdrawn. The core can then be extracted by injecting high pressure water into the head of the corer (combined with vibration if required) to push the piston and extract the sample. The plunger also prevents contact between the water and the sample.


  • Geotechnics
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Environmental drilling
  • Sewage drilling / Well installation
  • Archaeological surveys.


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