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Natural and additive bentonites

In direct contact with mines and manufacturers, Apageo offers a complete range of natural and additive bentonites. Different products can be offered, from low cost bentonite to high yield bentonites, including specific bentonites for grouting/mortar mixing and other special works.

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Our complete range includes :

Natural bentonite (E41)

A low cost basic model, it is a natural activated sodium bentonite, without added polymer, with good viscosity. The quality/price ratio of this bentonite makes it the main choice of many users in water drilling, foundations, geotechnics etc...

High performance bentonite E32

It is a natural sodium bentonite with increased yield, high viscosity, high lubricity, high gels, and low filtrate. Its higher cost compared to natural bentonite is therefore related to its higher quality and its main advantage being a lower dosage required while allowing a better yield.

Bentonite Grout & Mortar

It is a bentonite selected and prepared for use in self-hardening and waterproofing mixes. The optimal ratio of sodium to calcium created during the activation phase allows this bentonite to form a perfectly stable mixture with water and cement.

Bentonite Pellet

Highly swellable sodium bentonite compressed into 8mm granules (easy to use and dust free) designed to create watertight seals in wells, and to stop fluid loss in high permeability or fractures. It is ideal for insulating plastic/steel casing, sand or gravel pack, or for securing wells for abandonment.

Bentonite Expangel

Manufactured from a blend of the best available grades of natural sodium bentonite, free from any organic or inorganic chemicals, this bentonite comes in pellet form. With an average sink rate of approximately 0.5 m/sec in water, it forms a strong and totally impermeable seal. This product is used in particular to separate and isolate aquifer formations, to backfill seismic boreholes and increase the effect of explosives or to backfill old boreholes permanently.

Bentonite Sea (40S)

The main bentonite of the S (Seawater resistant) series, it has been specially designed to guarantee high performance even in case of salt water contamination. This bentonite offers high efficiency and good control of the filtrate even in the case of massive salt water contamination.


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