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Apageo offers you a wide range of robust, high-performance augering tools and accessories for successful augering in all suitable terrains. With modern, flexible and autonomous means of production, we guarantee products of impeccable quality, available and proudly manufactured by our local skills.

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Our range consists first of all of different auger tools to adapt to the different types of soil suitable for this method:

Tungsten tools

Also known as Mining bit or 2 finger tools, more commonly used in small diameters. This tool can also be supplied with a pilot (also in tungsten fingers) for 63mm diameter.

tungsten tools

Bullet tools

Ideal when different soil layers need to be penetrated as it is the auger tool that best adapts to different geologies. It also offers a good cut and thus an optimal penetration speed. The spiral configuration of this model also helps to ensure that the sediments drilled are brought up properly.

bullet tools

DP Rock Tools

Similar to the Bullet tool in terms of versatility, cutting and feeding, this tool is equipped with 3 wings with tungsten (exchangeable) fingers and side protections (weld beads) for a better life span.

dp rock tools

Bulldog tool

Equipped with 2 wings with carbide tips, the cutting and penetration is not as good as with the Bullet or DP Rock models but it is nevertheless well adapted, especially in soils where there is a risk of encountering stones or pebbles.

bulldog tools

Hexagonal exit trilameter

Our standard (threaded) trilam is also available in hexagonal connections, as the trilam configuration is well suited for auger drilling, even without injection.

Carp tail

Used with a drill, it is the usual tool used in very soft soils that can be drilled easily, and is provided at a low cost due to its simplicity while remaining effective.

carp tail

Finger tool

The advantage is the possibility of changing fingers and shims, but this tool is nevertheless less efficient than the others (less versatile, less penetration, and the fingers can be released quickly when drilling).

finger tools

Of course, the range is completed with all the necessary or useful accessories for auger drilling:

  • Cardan shaft with protective bellows
  • Safety range
  • Auger fishing
  • Hammer for driving out keys.


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