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Drilling Foundations

The principle of sonic drilling is to use the high frequency resonance energy generated by the sonic head, at more than 150 vibrations/second (vertical oscillation of less than 10 mm). In destructive drilling, this technique offers many different advantages over conventional drilling methods.

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Anchoring, micropiles, jet grouting, sealing and waterproofing

Do you need to carry out your foundation work quickly and at a lower cost? Even in completely overconsolidated soils, mixed formations (loose and hard alluvial deposits), boulders etc...

The sonic method is the best answer. Sonic drilling can be used in all types of loose soil as well as in gravel, pebbles, rocks and very hard formations.

The installation of foundation equipment is usually done directly inside a casing, with the borehole being cased in advance with lost tools, which further enhances the speed of execution while benefiting from a directly cased borehole so that the ground does not collapse.

If the ground is very hard and homogeneous, tools such as cutting tools or tungsten crowns are used destructively.

Determination of the length and straightness of piles / Installation of deflection measuring instruments

The sonic method ensures extremely straight boreholes, allowing the length and straightness of the piles to be determined precisely. It is also the optimal technique for dam drilling in order to install deflection or deformation measuring instruments.

Drilling in sensitive areas and buildings / And Reduction of noise pollution

This method does not alter the surrounding terrain in any way. In contrast to the effects of a low-frequency vibration, the very high frequency of 150 Hz does not propagate in the soil.

Drilling is successful on sites next to gas pipes and/or on sensitive structures such as old buildings or foundations, as well as on dams. This drilling method is also much quieter than the usual methods, especially those using compressors.


Unrivalled speed in destructive drilling: 3 to 4 times faster than all conventional techniques (MFDT, vibratory head, etc.)
Advance cased drilling for rapid installation of anchors, micropiles, etc.
Without compressor for reduced production costs (air drilling possible if preferred)
Same tool even in mixed formations
Drilling deviation less than 1% on average and strict respect of depth
Less noisy than conventional methods, ideal for urban sites
Without altering the surrounding terrain (150 Hz), an asset for work on dams, historical buildings, etc.
Sonic drills and equipment offer a concrete response to all these requirements. Much faster than conventional methods, the sonic method does not require a compressor, drilling is done with the same tool, even in mixed terrain, while guaranteeing precise straight drilling with little injection, minimal noise pollution and harmlessness of the surrounding terrain. These benefits combined with the speed of execution ensure a high rate of productivity for increased profitability.


  • Environmental recognition
  • Water drilling and geothermal energy
  • Seismic drilling
  • Geotechnical and mining surveys.


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