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Light dynamic penetrometer

Apageo manufactures a Light Dynamic Penetrometer with manual hammering for your dynamic penetration tests in a simple and fast way.

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The Light Dynamic Penetrometer is an hammering system for the control of trench and platform compaction (10 cm² lost tip) or for the implementation of (10 cm² lost tip) or for the implementation of ø32 mm probe, according to EN ISO 22476-2.

Dynamic penetration tests are performed to determine the soil and rock in-situ resistance to a dynamic cone penetration.

The Light Dynamic Penetrometer with manual driving is the one allowing dynamic penetration tests with the lightest hammer (10 kg) in the whole range of dynamic penetrometers. The apparatus, hold by its handles, is maintened vertically. The constant falling height of its hammer (50 cm) drive the rods - fitted with a standard cone - into the soil.


Light and compact
Quick and easy to use
Provided with transport case.


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