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Environmental drilling

Sonic drilling is the technique that best addresses the issues of environmental investigation, particularly in polluted sites. This technology offers numerous advantages, whether in destructive drilling or core drilling: high reduction of waste on site, no or little drilling fluid, 100% or close to 100% sample recovery rate even in difficult soils, increased productivity, no or low deviation, etc...

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The Sonic probes in combination with their core barrels and drilling tools are known to produce the highest quality boreholes in the shortest possible time. Samples are of high quality with no cross contamination to best determine health and safety risks. They are exceptionally complete even in the most difficult to sample terrain.
Water sampling is facilitated by the lost tool technique. Sonic drilling machines produce high quality boreholes and keep your work site clean.
The impressive drilling speed, low noise level and simple, convenient operation make users love working with our Sonic machines and materials.

Surveys in polluted sites (nuclear, oil, etc...)

Our Sonic drills are often used for environmental or geoenvironmental investigation of highly polluted sites. These projects include listed nuclear sites, petrochemicals and oil stations. The sonic drilling method can be easily adapted to changing procedures and methodologies. And very importantly: with sonic drilling you can get up to 70% less waste on site!

Sampling of soils with multiple formations

Need to sample in wet sands or in a multi-layered soil configuration? Sonic Coring is the answer. It can even sample in unsaturated soil layers. The most difficult to sample soils (silt, wet sand, peat etc.) are 100% recovered! Samples are taken by continuous coring, or only by taking a sample at the desired depth (targeted sampling) with the Aqualock.

The corers (single or double), with their Tungsten carbide crowns, are more suitable for mixed soils, gravels, cobbles, very hard rocks, etc., always with the same aim: to obtain up to 100% recovery at a speed that is incomparable to traditional methods.

The double core barrel is designed to recover core samples from rock and very hard soil layers and can be cased to various diameters, up to 7" (178mm), and even larger on request.


Clean" drilling method with little or no injection fluids
Samples are of high quality with little or no reworking for any type of geology
Recovery rate reaches 100% (or close to it)
Unequalled daily sampling rate
Multiple uses: sampling, piezometer installation, pollution research...


  • Environmental recognition
  • Water drilling and geothermal energy
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Foundations (micro-piles, tie rods, piles, etc.)
  • Mining surveys
  • Seismic drilling.


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