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Penetrometer Cabin Track PANTHER 100 to 200kN

Static penetrometer type Cabin on PANTHER track, weighted according to the desired reaction force (tests from 100 to 200kN), allowing the realization of CPT tests of very high productivity (designed to work 24/7) in the constraining and difficult grounds.

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The PANTHER Tracked Cab Penetrometers are manufactured to the desired reaction force (100 to 200 kN), on a reinforced chassis based on a high quality carrier offering extremely low ground pressure (far superior to truck or even tracked truck models). They allow CPT tests to be carried out in difficult terrain and difficult to access sites, thus offering high productivity for reliable, safe and efficient work.

The frame is made of 10mm thick steel sheets, including 4 hollow steel sections for the integration of the track. It also includes steel weights to balance the centre of gravity of the unit. The floor of the cab is thus perfectly flat.

The movements are controlled by a wireless radio control, allowing the cab to be manoeuvred in complete safety, particularly during loading and unloading operations on the carrier truck.

The PANTHER tracked cab penetrometer can be offered with the option of Truck Mounted Locking. For ballasted penetrometers under 20 tonnes, this option allows the weight of the truck to be used to increase the thrust to 180 or 200kN (depending on the weight of the unit) and to be able to carry out soundings through the truck chassis, thus offering greater flexibility. This is the ideal option for mixed urban/rural sites, providing optimum time savings (yardage/day).

Different motors can be offered, depending on the desired power and location (EU or tropicalised motor), basically from 93 to 123 kW.

All components are mounted in a separate cabin (from the working cabin) and are easily accessible through side hatches. Noise, heat and oil vapours are thus reduced to a minimum (according to the CE standard). The PANTHER tracked cab penetrometer is equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC (centralized programmable controller) with HMI (human-machine interface) system: control via touch screen and joystick of all engine and hydraulic functions (including the various pressure sensors). These systems also allow for semi-automatic operation. The equipment and all its electronic components are integrated into a specific protective box, which is itself incorporated into the ergonomic control panel installed in the work cab. A simplified 'tropicalised' configuration is also available for countries where difficult conditions are to be considered (local fuels, high temperatures and humidity, etc.).


CPT test up to 200kN of very high productivity (24/7)
Top of the range cab work with all integrated equipment
Guaranteed access to all sites
Flexibility with the truck locking option
Safety and ease of manoeuvring with the radio control
Very many options to facilitate work and improve operator comfort.


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


Penetrometer 200kN : 2 hydraulic cylinders with protective cylinders, stroke 1150 mm
Hydraulic rod brake integrated into the drilling beam in the frame
Reinforced sheet steel frame
Hydraulic stabilisation cylinders with large base plate
Wireless radio control
Controls with PLC computer and HMI system (Human Machine Interface), with semi-automatic mode if desired
Optimised working cabin, including inspection and service hatches, windows, telescopic roof (bellows), clearance lights, converter, etc.
Rod rack with articulated arm for cabled rods, workbench with vice, air gun, first aid kit etc.


Different motors, depending on the desired power and location (EU or tropicalised motor), basically from 93 to 123 kW.


Capacity 200kN push and 260kN pull
Penetrometer stroke: 1150 mm
Adjustable push speed: 0 to 24 mm/s
Speed (no-load): 0 to 200 mm/sec up and down
Many other options.


Truck lock option
Sink with water tank and pump
Stato-dynamic mode with hydraulic hammer
Air conditioning
Burglar protection bars on windows
Extended stabilisation jacks and adapted side rails.


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