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Penetrometric equipment (pins, rods and accessories)

APAGEO manufactures both penetrometers and penetrometric ramming systems installed on probes, but also all the equipment necessary to carry out penetrometric tests, whether in PDL (light), PDB (heavy), SPT or compaction control tests. Of course, all this equipment is fully compliant with the current standards.

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Our range of equipment allows us to meet all your needs for penetrometric tests.
=> Pile drivers marked every 10 or 20 cm:

  • Rods 22: for PDL (Dynamic Light Penetrometer) testing
  • PDB 32 rods: for PDB (Dynamic Heavy Penetrometer) testing and compaction control
  • Drill rods suitable for PDB testing: E, 42, 50 and AWJ rods (in various lengths available).

All these rods (except 22) are also used for driving rammed cores and the Drill rods can also perform rotary drilling and conventional coring.
=> Lost and fixed points: 5, 10 and 20 cm²
=> SPT corers to NF (French Standard) or BS (British Standard) And of course we manufacture all related accessories (ramming head, keys, etc.).


Made of high quality steel
Materials 100% compliant with
Complete "turnkey" offer.


Light and heavy penetrometric tests
SPT tests
Compaction control


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