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200kN Containerised Static Penetrometer COBRA200

COBRA 200kN static penetrometer, built into a standard 10ft container, designed for CPT testing.

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The COBRA-200 is a versatile, self-contained static penetrometer in a standard 10-foot container, allowing CPT testing in a variety of environments, both onshore and near/offshore.

The COBRA-200 penetrometer is the optimal solution for the installation of a complete CPT system on any type of (stable base) support: truck, elevating platform, barge, etc.

Thanks to its configuration, it can be easily transported on a standard truck suitable for 10' container transport. In addition, it can be stored safely when not in use.

The base of the container is reinforced with a dedicated sub-frame suitable for the components and to withstand the 20 tonne push/react force. This sub-frame with all components can be detached from the container if required, making the unit even more versatile for use with or without a container.

The container is fitted with container fixing wedges for Twist-locks (standard basic locking for containers). This makes it as easy to install on a truck as it is for a basic container, and it also makes it easy to install on a barge or other support. It also has lifting points for moving the unit with a hoist. A roof hatch is also built in for use of the penetrometer.

The power pack (diesel engine and hydraulic power pack) can be placed in the container for transport and can be attached outside the container during operation to minimise noise and exhaust emissions.


Easy to transport and install
Can be used with or without a container
CPT test up to 200kN
Integrated hydraulic rod brake.


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


Standard 10ft container suitable for CPT
Suitable subframe
200kN Penetrometer: 2 hydraulic cylinders with 1150mm stroke protection cylinders
Panel mounted control panel next to the penetrometer
Hydraulic rod brake integrated into the drill beam
Rod rack
Roof hatch.


Soundproofed 1-cylinder HATZ diesel engine with 9.5 kW at 2,800 rpm.


Stroke: 1150 mm
Push/pull capacity: 200 kN / 260 kN
Regulated speed 20 mm / sec
No-load ascent speed: 105 mm / sec
No-load descent speed: 145 mm/ sec.


Data acquisition system (required for electrical CPT tests)
Waterproof, swivel-mounted protective case for PC and data acquisition system.

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