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SRS light drilling rig

Sonic SRS (SmallRotoSonic) range of compact and lightweight sounders ideal for geotechnical, environmental and seismic surveys.

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The SRS range is the most compact and lightest sonic probing machine in the world (less than 5 tons depending on the options chosen). It is the successful integration of roto-sonic technology, very high frequency vibration 150 Hz combined with rotation, on a machine of reduced size and very easy manoeuvrability.

This is the optimal solution for undisturbed sampling, much faster and of much better quality than the usual techniques.

The SRS probers are available in 2 versions: PL (the lightest) and ML (the most powerful). They are easy to use, ideal for hard-to-reach sites and offer different options for fast, clean and high quality drilling to a typical depth of more or less 50 metres depending on geology and diameter.

The standard configuration is on a crawler but other configurations are available: on a chassis or on a tractor.

The SRS is available as standard with a 4-cylinder 100hp KUBOTA diesel engine.


Compact and lightweight
2 possible versions
Optimal for geotechnical and environmental soundings.


  • Geotechnical survey
  • Environmental recognition
  • Drilling and mining
  • Water drilling
  • Seismic drilling.


Injection pumps (Triplex pump for drilling and high pressure pump for Aqualock and cleaning)
Sonic mast and head carriage
Control panel on articulated arm
Radio remote control for movement (and optional for control of all drilling parameters)
Double rod brake
Integrated aluminium water tank


100hp KUBOTA 4 cylinder diesel engine.


Oscillating force: 100 kN
Frequency: 1 - 150 Hz
Torque (right / left): 168 / 199 m.kg
Support (in Sonic/static): PL version: 2,500 daN / ML version: 4,000 daN
Traction (in Sonic/static): PL version: 2,500 daN / ML version: 6,000 daN
Travel speed: PL version: 25 m/min / ML version: 35 m/min
Useful travel: 2.00 m (short mast) / 4.00 m (long mast)


ManipAll200: Independent hydro-electric rod/tube handling system
Rac to rod/tube (depending on Ø and length)
Automatic ramming system for penetrometric tests SPT
Rock feed.


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