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Apafor® 220 DMT Portable Drilling rig

Portable rig, ultra-lightweight, easily and rapidly disassembled an reassembled for very difficult site access, for drilling and coring, vertical or inclined.

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The Apafor® 220 DMT portable/dismantle is a modular drilling rig composed of 6 portable components, the majority of which are made of aluminium. Ultra-light and easily disassembled, this drilling rig allows to work in very difficult site access and is also perfect for work in confined spaces. Each element can be carried by 2 operators.

Thanks to its configuration, such as its various removable and interchangeable drilling heads, this drilling rig can perform the various conventional drilling methods in both vertical and inclined positions. Its adjustable stabilization feet allow to work in sloping areas. The machine is equipped with a height-adjustable control panel for an ergonomic working position for every operator.

The Apafor® 220 DMT is available in several versions:

  • VANGUARD 16 HP engine for maximum lightness
  • Roto-percussive with a HONDA 20CH motor for more power (motor also recommended for core drilling)
  • UFCMF for the European market, with a CE-compliant safety cage, for safe use, while maintaining a small footprint.

Many options and equipment are also available, including a fast roto-injection head for conventional coring, percussion head for percussion coring, rod brake, thermal injection pump.


Ultra-light, portable and demountable drill
Very good power to weight ratio
Vertical and tilted drilling to 45°


Thanks to these special features, this probe has several possible areas of application:

  • Drilling with auger
  • Rotary drilling (tricone bits / drag bits / PDC)
  • Down-the-hole hammer drilling
  • Roto-percussion drilling out of the hole (with 20 HP hydraulic hammer motor)
  • Core drilling (with 20 HP motor and fast rotation head option)
  • Percussion drilling (with a hammer).


Aluminium frame with carrying handles
4 adjustable steel feet
Steel braces adjustable from 0° to 45°.


VANGUARD 16 hp petrol engine or Honda 20 hp engine.


Speed 0 to 71 rpm (standard head) 0 to 442 rpm (fast head option)
Max. torque 144 daN.m (standard head)
Pulling force 1000 daN.



Thermal injection pump on wheels
Fast roto-injection head
Hydraulic rod brake
Injection swivel
Piling hammer.

Many other options can be added on request.


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