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Penetrometer Cab Truck KODIAK 180kN

180kN Penetrometer Cab Truck KODIAK is the optimal solution for mobility combined with productivity to perform CPT and other static surveys, even in soft and difficult terrain, on and off road.

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The standard truck make offered is MAN, TGM 18.340 4x4 (or optional 4x2) with extended wheelbase. Other makes such as Mercedes, Volvo, Ginaf, etc. are also possible.

The operating weight is well within the 18-tonne limit, thus complying with the road regulations of most countries.

Tracked travel is simple and easy, using a radio control (i.e. wireless), from the driver's cab or remotely.

The truck chassis is solidified by a robust frame (10mm steel sheets) which forms an additional stable and reinforced structure for the installation of the penetrometer and the chaser. It incorporates the support for the chaser cylinders, the support beam for the penetrometer, as well as the necessary weights for the reaction counterweight. For high quality corrosion protection, all components of the subframe are sandblasted and epoxy primed before final coating and painting.

The KODIAK 180kN Cab Truck Penetrometer is equipped with an electronic engine control system (CanBus) and additional unit to manage the truck engine parameters from the cab. The package also includes a latest generation PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with HMI (Human Machine Interface) system:
control via touch screen and joystick of all engine and hydraulic functions, including the various pressure sensors. The equipment and all its electronic components are integrated into a specific protective box, which is itself incorporated into the ergonomic control panel installed in the work cab. A simplified 'tropicalised' configuration is also available for countries where difficult conditions are to be considered (local fuels, high temperatures and humidity, etc.).

The PLC allows perfect control of the hydraulic functions for manoeuvring and positioning the crawler, as well as for any drilling operation. The chaser can also be operated from the outside with a wireless remote control.

The safety sensors of the hydraulic system, the 36/55 push-pull brake and the configuration of the unit prevent damage and accidents, thus ensuring high productivity without downtime and the safety of the operators.


Highly productive CPT testing (24/7) on roads or steep sites
Ease of transport
Top of the range cab work with all equipment integrated
Flexibility with the truck lock option
Safe and easy manoeuvring with radio control
A wide range of options to make the job easier and more comfortable for the operator


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling


2-axle truck with integrated radio-controlled crawler with 4 hydraulic cylinders
200kN penetrometer: 2 hydraulic cylinders with protective cylinders with 1150 mm stroke
Hydraulic rod brake integrated in the drilling beam in the frame
Reinforced sheet steel chassis
Wireless radio control
Controls with PLC computer and HMI system, with semi-automatic mode if desired
Optimised working cabin, including inspection and service hatches, windows, telescopic roof (bellows), gauge lights, converter, etc.
Rod rack with articulated arm for cabled rods, workbench with vice, air gun, first aid kit etc.


Unit powered directly by the truck engine to eliminate the need for an auxiliary engine.


Capacity 200kN push and 260kN pull
Penetrometer stroke: 1150 mm
Adjustable push speed: 0 to 24 mm/s
Speed (no-load): 0 to 200 mm/sec up and down
Many other options 


Truck lock option
Sink with water tank and pump
Stato-dynamic mode with hydraulic hammer
Air conditioning
Burglar-proof window bars
Extended stabilisation jacks and adapted side rails 


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