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Apafor® 230 drilling rig

Very compact and versatile drilling rig transportable in van or on 3.5 T road trailer and suitable for all drilling methods.

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The Apafor® 230 is a small, yet extremely versatile drilling rig that offers high performance far beyond similar models. It is the perfect drilling rig for geotechnical investigations at a depth of about 30 metres, and even more depending on diameter. It can carry out all types of drilling methods: rotary injection, off-hole rotary percussion, augering, coring, down-the-hole hammering and even dynamic penetrometric testing and compaction control.
Its compact dimensions and hydraulic variable track allow it to pass through narrow doorways and work in difficult-to-reach and confined areas.
Its various removable and interchangeable drilling heads give it multiple functionalities. It can also be equipped with an automatic ramming system for penetrometric tests or rammed cores, an injection pump, a rod brake, a handling winch and data acquisition systems.
The change of working configuration (drilling / ramming) is easily carried out in less than 2 minutes and the working axis of the machine remains the same whatever the configuration:

  • Drilling configuration: the rotation head is positioned in the working axis and system by hammering is removed and stored by simply swivelling it. 

  • Hammering configuration: the detachable rotation head is unlocked and removed from the work spindle, the system by hammering is inserted and locked directly onto the same travel carriage.

For the European market, the Apafor® 230 is offered in a UFCMF version equipped with a safety cage with a physical or immaterial door and a 23 HP YANMAR DIESEL engine that complies with the new European standards in force. For special environments (high heat, humidity, dust, etc.), a tropicalised motor is installed.


Compact, lightweight, transportable in a van or on a 3.5 T road trailer
Modular, versatile, wide range of applications
Quick and easy changes of working configuration
Radio-controlled working functions and movements


Thanks to its unique features, this probe covers almost all possible application areas:

  • Drilling with auger
  • Rotary drilling: tri-cone / tri-blade / PDC

  • Rotary percussion thanks to its Out-Of-The Hole Hammer

  • Conventional coring

  • Percussion drilling
  • Penetrometric test
  • Compaction control.


Rigid welded chassis mounted on a hydraulic crawler with variable track adjustable from 78 to 118cm Radio remote control
4 adjustable hydraulic stabilisation cylinders
Rock advance system (integral mast translation)
4 ton rod brake


YANMAR 23 HP diesel engine.


Standard rotation head: Torque = 0-160 daN.m / Speed = 0-105 rpm,
Perf+ rotation-injection head (double head): Torque: 0-129 daN.m / Speed = 0-510 rpm
Fast roto-injection head (core drilling): Torque = 0-27 daN.m / Rotational speed = 0-465 rpm
Roto-percussion head: Torque = 0-123 daN.m / Energy = 90 Joules / Frequency = 1150 strokes/min
Percussion head: Energy = 100 Joules / Frequency = 0-1650 strokes/min
Traction: 1469 daN



Automatic piling system
Injection pump
Handling winch
Tool rack
Working radio control (drilling functions)
Safety cage light curtain
Additional extraction system
VIR tachometer
EXPLOFOR® drilling parameter acquisition system
APADYN® dynamic penetrometric test and compaction control system
Many other options can be added on request.


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