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Pressuremeter accessories

Apageo manufactures all the pressuremeter accessories for a complete  solution with our range of manual and auto-controlled pressuremeters. This gives you the assurance of being operational from the moment you receive your equipment with all the necessary and compliant materials, as well as a quality service, advice and support, whether it be on the Pressuremeter or on the related accessories via a dedicated and experienced team.

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There are many pressure measurement accessories, the main ones being :

  • Probes: 44 (AX), 60 (BX) and 74 (NX)
  • Tubing: twin or coaxial, 25, 33, 50 or 100 meters length
  • Calibration tubes (different diameters depending on the probe used)
  • Probe drop rods: 22, 42, 50 and 60 depending on probe used and depth of testing
  • Nitrogen cylinder and regulator.

Another essential element: the canvas cover. We offer different types, to be chosen and adapted according to the type of ground being tested. There are in particular (depending on the type of probe used):

  • 3mm rubber cover: low pressure tests
  • 4mm rubber cover : low pressure tests
  • Metal cover : low and medium pressure tests
  • High Pressure canvas cover : medium and high pressure tests
  • HP+ canvas cover: medium and high pressure tests
  • DN reinforced canvas cover : high pressure tests.

The pressure probes are composed of different accessories and parts (shoes, rings, nuts etc...) which can be exchanged individually when worn so as not to have to change the whole probe. Similarly, tubing kits are also available. We also provide all the necessary accessories to make these parts changes quickly and successfully to ensure the proper functionality of all the equipment together.

For heterogeneous soils, gravelly soils, sandy soils and others where the balance of the walls is not assured, it is advisable to use a split tube that follows the expansion of the probe inserted inside. Apageo manufactures various slotted tubes, left or right hand thread, standard or half shell, in different diameters: 46/60, 55 or 63 mm for 44 probes, and 75mm for 60 probes. These tubes are supplied with split fittings to allow the tubing to exit, and are manufactured with all existing suitable threads. Solid beater tubes, known as Menard tubes, are used after the split tube to ensure that the walls are maintained throughout the borehole and to protect the tubing.


Manufactured and controlled in our workshops
Complete  solution with the chosen Pressuremeter
Total adaptation of the equipment according to the type of terrain
Wide choice of maintenance tools.


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