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Apageo designs, develops and manufactures various geotechnical data acquisition systems. Discover Apadyn®, acquisition system for heavy dynamic penetrometer and compaction control according to NF EN ISO 22476-2, NF EN ISO 22476-3, and NF P 94-063.

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Apadyn® allows data acquisition for dynamic penetrometer DPH, DPSH (recording of the number of blows according to the NF EN ISO 22476-2 standard) as well as control of trench or platform compaction (measurement of the penetration per blow with envelope curves according to the NF P 94-063 standard) and in SPT mode (determination of the resistance to penetration according to the NF EN ISO 22476-3 standard).
For control of compacrion, the hammering system on  APAFOR® has been approved by a certification CER 100 GR0032 (public center for road equipment studies), for densification aim. This hammering system and Apadyn® have been developed to meet COFRAC requirements.

In compaction control mode, in accordance with standard NF P 94-063, the recordings are made in association with the GTR classification. During the test, the GeoBOX® in conjunction with the Apadyn® displays the plot of the penetrogram with the limit and reference lines, simultaneously, allowing instant visualisation of the test in progress. At the end of the test, the GeoBOX® proposes the conformity or not of the sounding point, in accordance with the anomaly detection rules defined in the standard.
The information of the sounding in progress (number of blows, depth, number of rods, sounding number, etc.) is also displayed during the test.

The Apadyn® system can be integrated as an option to our APAFOR® 100 heavy dynamic penetrometer and to our APAFOR® penetrometer option probes. The equipment can also be installed on any type of hydraulic penetrometer for use in PDB or SPT mode.

The system is immediately operational and saves you valuable time in your penetrometric surveys. Thanks to the heavy-duty reel and stroke counter, the results obtained are of the highest accuracy.

Apadyn® records the following parameters:

  • Blows number or dip per blow
  • Depth aimed and reached
  • Compaction envelope for compaction materials
  • Pipe position
  • Sounding localization

The data recorded by Apadyn® is directly usable by our geotechnical data processing software GeoVISION® Module D. The data is transferred by USB key or 4G system.


GeoBOX® central unit
Centralization box
Reel and sensor.


CER certified and developed according to COFRAC requirements
Space-saving and quick to install
Data acquisition via WIFI on GeoBOX® (or wired if desired)
Instant profile display on GeoBOX®
Transmission via 4G (optional)




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