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Benkelman Beam

Apageo offers you the Benkelman Beam with different models of equipment for plate loading test and flexible pavement deflection testing. The sets are delivered complete, ready to work, and always with the recognized high quality of Apageo's In Situ measuring devices.

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The Benkelman beam measures the deformation of a materiel under stress. This equipment is used for the two following tests:

  • The plate loading test according to NF P 94-117-1
  • The flexible pavement deflection testing according to standard NF P 98-200-8.

For the deflection test, the beam is used alone. The beam is available as a high-end model or as an economical model.

Plate testing requires an aluminium plate and a loading kit:

  • The aluminium plate manufactured by Apageo is ribbed and has 2 handles for easy handling
  • Different models of loading units are available to suit all your needs: Manual hydraulic (with electric or pneumatic pump option) for easy testing or manual mechanical for more limited budgets.


Benkelman beam

- High-end model
The Benkelman beam consists of a balance arm (in two parts) mounted on ball-bearing axis, a frame supported on the ground by three feet on height-adjustable ball-joints, with a digital dial indicator 10 mm to 0.01. The whole equipment is protected by a high resistance epoxy paint and delivered in a flight case. Beam weight: 11.5 kg.

- Economic model
Aluminium plate, with reinforced ribbed, side slit and handles for transportation.. Beam weight: 8.5 kg.

Manual loading devices

- Hydraulic model (also available with electric or pneumatic pump)

  • Hydraulic jack, force 101 kN
  • 203 mm strokze with centering plate and pivot joint
  • Hand pump with analogue manometer 90 kN and 3.00 m flexible hose
  • Aluminium extensions in reinforced transport case with wheels type PELI®.

- Mechanical - economic model

  • Reinforced mechanical jack, force 200 kN
  • Dynamometer for control, graduation from 0 to 100 kN with loading stage
  • Compensating ball joint in reinforced transport case type PELI®.


Reliable and qualitative tests
Simple and quick use
Supply of a complete "turnkey" set with all accessories, ready to work
Delivered in a reinforced PELICASE® transport case with wheels according to the models.

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