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Mineral Exploration

The principle of sonic drilling is initially the solution when conventional drilling techniques do not provide the desired results. This technology offers many advantages in destructive drilling and especially in core drilling: 100% or close to 100% sample recovery even in difficult soils, increased productivity, no or low deviation, no or little drilling fluid, etc...

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Optimal sampling of heterogeneous layers down to hard soil and rock

How to avoid bad results that negatively influence exploitation (oversized or unnecessarily overdrilled boreholes)? Need to sample in alluvial or heterogeneous geologies? (often present in precious metal exploration areas) With the highest possible recovery rates? Sonic coring is THE solution. With the Sonic corers or the Aqualock sampler, the fastest and most reliable way to core mixed and/or alluvial formations, usable in continuous coring, or only sampling at the desired depth (targeted sampling).

For hard rock and soil, the Sonic corers (single or double) with their tungsten carbide crowns are more suitable, always with the same aim: to obtain up to 100% recovery, with a longer tool life.

To obtain large diameter samples, several models are available including double core barrels which can also be cased in several diameters (telescoped), up to 7" (178mm) and even more on special request.

If required, the sonic head can be used for down-the-hole auger and hammer drilling, and the DUO double rotary head option offers the possibility of rotary drilling (tricone, trilam) and all types of conventional coring for greater depths.

Perfectly straight boreholes.

The sonic drilling method ensures extremely straight boreholes (basically less than 1% deviation), thus allowing precise targeting of the samples and guaranteeing the depth and location of the minerals sought. It is therefore also optimal for the installation of measurement and monitoring equipment.


The recovery rate reaches 100% (or close to it) even in alluvial, very heterogeneous or difficult to sample soils
The deviation of the drillings is less than 1%
The samples are of high quality with little or no reworking, for all types of geology
Strict respect of the sampling depth
Core drilling is possible up to 200 metres deep.


  • Mining surveys
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Environmental recognition
  • Seismic drilling
  • Water drilling and geothermal energy
  • Foundations (micro-piles, tie rods, piles, etc.).


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