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Apafor® 570 drilling rig

A powerful, versatile and robust drill rig with a high capacity to operate in difficult environments and conditions, in conventional and WIRELINE coring as well as in conventional drilling methods. It can be configured on tracks (standard version) or on truck (offering wider possibilities).

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The Apafor® 570 is a powerful and robust drilling machine that can work in the most difficult conditions, whether it is in the heat of a tropical country or in the cold.

Thanks to its versatility, this drilling machine can operate in conventional coring, wireline coring, auger drilling and destructive drilling of all types (rotary, down-the-hole hammer and optional off-hole hammer). Drilling can be done vertically or inclined.

The Apafor® drilling machine is available in 2 versions: the tracked version is still the most popular, but the truck mounted version is a good alternative to facilitate logistics and offer a large storage capacity (the usual truck makes are MAN and Iveco, but other makes can be considered). The truck mounted version has a hydraulically lowered tool tray and an assisted manipulator arm, a multitude of tools, rods and tubes can be handled safely and effortlessly by one operator.

It is the ideal drill rig for deep geotechnical projects, limited diameter water drilling and mining.

The range of torques and high speeds can be controlled through a complete and intuitive control panel, to ensure all your drilling and coring operations. Different rotation heads can be offered if the activity is more focused on core drilling (High Speed Head) or on auger or rotary drilling (High Torque Head), although the standard rotation head offers an excellent torque and speed ratio to successfully implement the different drilling methods.

Available in single or rotary-percussive versions with a wide range of options, the Apafor® 570 can be configured to your needs.

The Apafor® 570 is available with a DEUTZ 75 HP diesel engine.


Powerful and robust drill
Designed for the toughest conditions
Variable displacement drill head, wide speed and torque range
Configurable as required.


Thanks to these unique specifications, this rig covers all drilling methods : 

  • Conventional and Wireline Coring
  • Drilling with auger
  • Rotary drilling (tricone, trilam, PDC)
  • Down-the-hole hammer drilling
  • Roto-percussion drilling out of the hole (hydraulic hammer optional)
  • Advance casing
  • Penetration test SPT, PDB and compaction control (optional)
  • Percussion drilling.


Rigid welded frame
Tracked version: mounted on a 170 cm fixed track hydraulic crawler, 4 hydraulic stabilisation feet, towing hook and remote control
Truck-mounted version: mounted as standard on a 6x4 or 6x6 MAN or IVECO truck (other trucks possible on request)
Rock feed system (integral mast translation) adapted according to version.


DEUTZ 75 HP diesel engine.


Standard head: Speed 0 to 412 rpm | Max torque 0 to 387 daN.m
Heavy duty head: Speed 0 to 330 rpm | Max torque 0 to 484 daN.m
High speed head: Speed 0 to 632 rpm | Max torque 283 daN.m
Hydraulic hammer out of hole (optional) 206j/cp - 2600cps/min
Pulling force 5655 daN
Rod brake (8 ton force, 200 mm capacity)



Hydraulic injection pump
Hydraulic head removal
Hydraulic roto-percussion hammer (180j - 1300 cps/min)
Double rod brake
Wireline winch
Handling winch
Automatic (and compaction control with Apadyn) or semi-automatic SPT and PDB ramming system
In truck version: tool box) hydraulic lowering and assisted manipulator arm
Explofor® drilling parameters and Apadyn® penetrometer acquisition
Rod rack
Tilted drilling braces

Many other options can be added on request.


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