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PDC tools

We offer a range of PDC tools of all diameters, designed to suit your needs. The PDC tool can offer superior productivity compared to traditional tools. Our range includes PDC tools in both die and steel bodies, with multiple designs, both new and remanufactured.

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Initially developed for the oil industry, PDC tools are increasingly required for water drilling, geothermal, geotechnical, quarrying etc. Depending on the geology and/or drilling conditions, they can offer a higher penetration speed and a better calibrated drill diameter than other rotary tools (Tricones and Trilams). Also their lifetime can be much longer.

These tools are firstly defined according to their body: matrix (tungsten carbide) for a higher strength and a much longer life, or steel for a high quality tool at a lower cost.

These tools can be manufactured in a variety of designs, including the number of blades, the diameter of the cutters etc. If required, our team can advise on the optimum design for the terrain, drilling conditions and purpose.

The cutters are an important part of the PDC tool's composition as they allow the terrain to be cut. The base of a cutter is made of tungsten carbide (bearing and impact resistance) and the cutting surface is made of polycrystalline diamonds (hardness and rotational resistance). Our tools are thus manufactured with the highest quality cutters to optimise your various drilling jobs.

We can also offer you PDC Rerun tools from the petroleum industry that have been completely reconditioned, in particular by replacing broken or worn-out cutters, reloading the supports and then sandblasting them, to obtain a tool that is close to new and thus an optimal quality/price ratio.


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