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Hammering sampler

Apageo manufactures and markets thick-walled and thin-walled core samplers for obtaining undisturbed (unaltered) samples in soft and difficult to sample soils. With modern, flexible and autonomous production facilities, we guarantee products of impeccable quality, available and proudly produced by our local skills.

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Our core samplers are manufactured with a ball head and are equipped with a basket extractor, all to better retain the samples especially in alluvial soils. A cutting tool is used to penetrate and sample the soil. They have an inner plastic sheath to recover the sample and thus have an unaltered core (not reworked) for laboratory analysis. This method is much cheaper than Shelby corers where the core is recovered in steel tubes (which we also offer), the cost of a plastic sleeve being much lower than the cost of a Shelby steel tube.

Our range consists of thick-walled rammed core barrels:

  • Core barrel 42x56
  • Core barrel 56x76
  • Core barrel 76x91
  • Core barrel 83x105
  • Core barrel 92x11
  • Core barrel 96x114
  • Core barrel 102x127.

And also APM (Thin Wall) corers:

  • APM 86 Corer
  • APM 101 corer.

These corers are available in standard threads, including 42, 50 and 60 (depending on core diameter).


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