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Apafor® 450 drilling rig

The best-seller in the compact drill range, due to its versatility and robustness as well as its ability to operate in conventional and wireline coring as well as in any conventional drilling method.

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The Apafor® 450 is the most widely produced model, renowned for its ease of use and maintenance as well as its ability to reach 60-80 metres (depending on the terrain and diameter) according to the different drilling techniques possible, and therefore meets the majority of requests, with some users reaching even greater depths! All this while remaining compact! Its design allows it to work in difficult conditions, in very hot, dusty or very humid environments, but also in sub-zero temperatures. Its low centre of gravity gives it excellent stability even on sloping ground.

This drill rig can therefore perform all types of core drilling, as well as rotary drilling, augers, down-the-hole hammering and optional off-hole roto-percussion (hydraulic hammer). It can perform vertical and inclined drilling and is fully autonomous with its basic options (including built-in hydraulic injection pump, manoeuvring winch and hydraulic carriage retraction). It has a multitude of other options to best suit different needs.

The range of torques and speeds is extensive thanks to their efficient rotation motor and proportional hydraulic controls. Different rotation heads can be offered if the activity is more focused on core drilling (High Speed Head) or on auger or rotary drilling (Heavy Duty Torque Head), although the standard rotation head offers an excellent torque to speed ratio to successfully implement the different drilling methods.


Compact, robust and versatile drill designed for harsh environments
Easy to use and maintain
Wide range of torque and speed options
Many options including 100% automatic penetrometer.


Thanks to these unique specifications, this rig covers all drilling methods : 

  • Conventional and Wireline Coring
  • Drilling with auger
  • Rotary drilling (tricone, trilam, PDC)
  • Down-the-hole hammer drilling
  • Roto-percussion drilling out of the hole (hydraulic hammer optional)
  • Penetration test SPT, PDB and compaction control (optional)
  • Percussion drilling
  • Cased borehole in advance.


Welded chassis mounted on hydraulic crawler
4 hydraulic stabilisation feet
Trailer hitch.


Soundproofed 48 HP HATZ diesel engine.


Standard head: Rotational speed 0 to 500 rpm, Max torque 0 to 282 daN.m
High speed head: Rotational speed 0 to 624 rpm, Max torque 0 to 226 daN.m
Heavy duty head: Max torque 0 to 352 daN.m, Rotational speed 0 to 287 rpm
Hydraulic hammer out of hole (option) 205j/cp - 2 600cps/min
Pulling 2 404 daN
Hydraulic rod brake (force 7 697 daN, capacity 200 mm).



Hydraulic injection pump (choice of screw or triplex)
Handling winch
Wireline winch
Hydraulic head retraction
Double rod brake
Rock feed system
Penetrometer (choice of automatic or semi-automatic)
Additional extraction cylinder
Hydraulic roto-percussion hammer
Instantaneous Rotational Speed (IRV®) sensor
Explofor® drilling parameters acquisition and Apadyn® penetrometer
Inclined drill bit
Rod rack

Many other options can be added on request.


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