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Apafor® 350 drilling rig

A compact and versatile drilling rig under 2.7 tonnes (even with all options) for transport on a road trailer and suitable for all drilling methods.

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The Apafor® 350 drill is a full solutions package to realize all sounding and drilling works : rotary, coring, augering, roto-percussion and down-the-hole hammering, as well as dynamic penetrometric testing and compaction control.

With his catch all size and his hydraulic width variable track, this rig can pass through standard doors and other hard-to-reach areas while delivering outstanding performance. The variable displacement rotation head, which can be adjusted from the control panel, provides a wide range of speed and torque.

Its many options make the Apafor® 350 a complete probe, while keeping a total weight of 2.7 tonnes (all options included) allowing it to be transported on a 3.50 tonne road trailer.

The option Heavy dynamic penetroeter for DPSH, SPT and control compaction (penetrodensitograph) is settled very easily to the rotary head trolley which keeps his hydraulic head sliding : a unique conception in the market ! The whole stays inside the safety cage and the penetrometer is used with the cage opened : a strong advantage for all penetration tests and hammering works. 

For the European market, the Apafor® 350 is available in a UFCMF version equipped with a safety cage with a physical or immaterial door and a YANMAR 36 HP DIESEL engine in compliance with the new environmental standards in force. It is the ideal drilling rig for the success of all geotechnical sites in complete safety!


Compact and versatile drill under 2.7 tonnes (even with all options)
Catch all size and wide range of applications
Penetrometer option, can be used with open cage
Very many options


Thanks to these unique specifications, this rig covers all drilling methods : 

  • Conventional coring
  • Drilling with auger
  • Drilling with rotary bits 
  • Rotary percussion thanks to its Out-Of-The Hole Hammer
  • Penetration test DPSH / SPT / Compaction control
  • Core drilling
  • Cased borehole in advance.


Rigid welded chassis mounted on a hydraulic crawler with adjustable track from 78 to 118cm
4 hydraulic stabilisation cylinders
Rock feed system (integral mast translation)
Tool rack and towing hook
Radio remote control.


YANMAR36 CH diesel engine (Stage V for Europe, Stage IIIA for export).


Speed 314 rpm (standard motor) / 635 rpm (fast motor) / 710 rpm (perf + motor)
Max. torque 208 daN.m (standard motor) / 103 daN.m (fast motor) / 229 daN.m (perf + motor)
Hydraulic hammer out of hole 120j/cp - 1,600cps/min
Traction 2404 daN
Rod brake 4 tons (Ø 160 mm)



Triplex injection pump for water and mud drilling
Winch for manoeuvring and clearing the hydraulic head
Double rod brake
Radio control for drilling functions
Automatic dynamic penetrometer integrated in the mast for PDB, SPT and compaction control
Explofor® drilling parameters acquisition and Apadyn® penetrometer
Additional extraction system.

Many other options can be added on request.


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