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Straight pipe and chain wrenches

We offer a wide range of spanners, both claw and chain, designed for tightening and loosening drill pipe. In close collaboration with our partner Ridgid, a leading manufacturer of drilling spanners, these products are designed and manufactured to offer you strength and efficiency. Various lengths of jaws and chains are available from stock to meet all your needs. In addition to these products, we also manufacture dedicated fixed spanners per rod in our workshop.

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Our range of chain spanners consists of single and double chain spanners, including :

  • 12'' single chain spanner: clamping capacity 100mm / length 300mm
  • 14'' single chain spanner: clamping capacity 125mm / length 320mm
  • 18'' single chain spanner: clamping capacity 125mm / length 435mm
  • 24'' single chain spanner: clamping capacity 125mm / length 580mm
  • 36'' single chain spanner: clamping capacity 185mm / length 700mm
  • Double chain spanner 3229: clamping capacity 14-89mm / length 445mm
  • Double chain spanner 3231: clamping capacity 27-114mm / length 570mm
  • Double chain spanner 3233: clamping capacity 34-168mm / length 815mm
  • Double chain spanner 3235: clamping capacity 48-219mm / length 1030mm
  • Double chain spanner 3237: clamping capacity 60-24mm / length 1410mm.

Our claw spanner range includes steel and aluminium spanners for less effort and easier handling, and includes

  • 6'' claw spanner: 27mm clamping capacity
  • 8'' claw spanner: clamping capacity 34mm
  • 10'' claw spanner: 48mm clamping capacity
  • 12" Claw Wrench: 60mm clamping capacity
  • 14'' claw spanner: clamping capacity 60mm
  • 18'' claw spanner: 76mm clamping capacity
  • 24'' claw spanner: clamping capacity 89mm
  • 36'' claw spanner: 141mm clamping capacity
  • 48" claw spanner: 168mm clamping capacity
  • 60'' claw spanner: clamping capacity 219mm.

Of course, spare parts for all these spanners and chains are also regularly kept in stock.

We also manufacture dedicated spanners for each rod and in particular for the following rods: R32, R38, 60, 76, 88.9 and 114 but spanners for other shanks can also be supplied.


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