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Overburden drilling pipes and accessories (OD eccentrics)

Apageo offers a complete range of casing systems, from conventional Odex systems manufactured in our factories to specific systems from partners specialising in this dedicated drilling technique.

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Progressive casing systems are the method to consider in heterogeneous soils when drilling with mud or drilling fluids does not allow a good maintenance of the walls. It is therefore the ideal technique, especially in alluvial soils, gravel passages, etc. Depending on your needs, we offer you different drilling systems with all their accessories:


The STAREX® is an advanced casing system that allows heterogeneous formations to be drilled and cased simultaneously. The whole tool consists of a guide, a reamer and a cutter. It allows a hole to be drilled that is larger than the diameter of the casing. The pipe is thus driven (without rotation) and follows the progress of the cutter at the bottom of the hole. At the desired depth, rotation in the opposite direction retracts the eccentric tool and allows the inner string and tool to be pulled up while leaving the casing in the ground. Drilling can also continue in the diameter available at the bottom of the pipe.

STAREX® 76 and 90 series pipes are designed for off-hole casing. For down-the-hole hammer drilling, Series 90 to 240 should be used.

A complete STAREX® set consists of a discharge head, a shoe pipe, a set of threaded casings, a finned coupling, a STAREX® tool, a down-the-hole hammer, a drill string, a casing removal head and a coupling.



The STAR is an off-hole roto-percussion casing system, based on exactly the same principle as the STAREX® 76 and 90 series off-hole. The particular advantage of this system is that it offers different drilling diameters from conventional and can use standard casings: Metric 67x74 and 104x113 or NW.



The Concentrix tool, developed by one of our partners Sysbohr, is offered to you to improve and facilitate advancing casing systems with a hydraulic out-of-hole hammer or down-the-hole hammer. When the Concentrix is pushed by the inner string, it exits the casing and expands directly to its maximum diameter, which is larger than the outer diameter of the pipe.

When pulled, the Concentrix automatically retracts to its minimum diameter to fit into the casing without difficulty. It can then be easily removed and the borehole left cased. This avoids the sometimes complicated operation of the usual eccentric tools that have to be extended and retracted by rotation. Both parts of the Concentrix face can be replaced, thus avoiding the need to replace the entire tool.



In addition to conventional drive-in casing systems, we offer you Sysbohr's special systems. Perfectly adapted to very powerful foundation drills, these systems allow extremely fast cased drilling, in all conditions, whatever the configuration of the machine (single or double head, hydraulic hammer or vibro head, etc.). These systems include a set of casings, often roto-drilled (OD type) and/or special threads, notably the patented PFS thread which offers much higher resistance to high torque and traction. Several techniques can be used for cased boreholes in various diameters, either defined or customised, which differ from the standard dimensions in order to effectively meet all site constraints.

overburden system

Rotary-Odex system

This system consists of driving the casing and the inner string together with a special 3-threaded rotation head. The diameter of the tool (often a tricone) is perfectly adapted to the inner diameter of the casing to prevent cuttings from entering the tubes. And as with the other systems, once the desired casing depth has been reached, the drilling can be equipped or, if necessary, continued by passing through the existing pipes.


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