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The STAF®, Self Drilling Tubing System, is a pressuremeter drilling method of the STDTM type (Split Tube with Internal Disintegrating Tool and Mud Circulation) in accordance with ISO 22476-4. It is a new method that offers by far the best pressuremeter results in heterogeneous and loose soils.

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With STAF®, the drilling is realized by the eccentric tool followed by the tube column, with a diameter 1 mm upper the tubes diameter. Casing maintain the drilling walls during the whole operation (drilling and test).

This drilling system can be carried out with any types of drilling rigs as logn as it fifted with a hydraulic rotary percussion equipment (VibroSTAF® method) or a rotation head  with a simultaneous double directions (RotoSTAF® method).

Up to know, emplacing a slotted tube was considered as a difficult operation, now it can be performed together while drilling, avoiding borehole walls remoulding.


A string of pipes with the slotted tube, driving head and slurry circulation discharge pipe
A drilling set including rod, couplings, bit holder ans STAF® bits, either buttons or cross
A probe with a set of rods
A rod pulling device


Certified by ISO 22476-4 and NF P 94110-1 standards
Unequalled quality of pressuremeter drilling in heterogeneous soils for qualitative tests
Directly cased drilling
No alteration of the borehole walls (tool removal in the tube and test on ascent)
Time saving with the carrying out of the tests in succession by going up
Recovery of drilling muds (savings in drilling fluid and view of the field sections)
Safe method for the users (no external rotating elements)
Ease of use


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