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FOX100 100kN static penetrometer on wheels

FOX100 portable 100kN static penetrometer on wheels from the FOX chassis range, for CPT(u) testing.

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The FOX100 portable 100 kN penetrometer is the low-cost model in the range of static penetrometers for mechanical and electrical CPT testing. It is the ideal machine to start a basic geotechnical activity with a limited budget. Its small footprint and modularity also allow it to be used in confined areas.

This penetrometer is a reliable, versatile and easy-to-use piece of equipment. The design of its double cylinder push frame allows the use of all types of measuring systems, both mechanical and electrical, as well as all types of push/pull systems. The 1175 mm stroke allows the use of all types of 1.0 metre long CPT rods.

The FOX100 static penetrometer is powered by its own independent hydraulic unit, each mounted on a 2-wheel axle for ease of transport. The hydraulic unit is available in petrol, diesel or electric versions.

The penetrometer can be fixed to the ground by two (or more) anchor beams, which are set up with the Hygand hydraulic anchoring system. In addition, the penetrometer can also be fixed to another support: truck, barge etc...

A set of hydraulic hoses with push-pulls are used to connect the hydraulic unit to either the penetrometer or the Hygand anchor system, ensuring quick and easy manoeuvring.

The complete set can be transported in a pick-up truck, a van, a small trailer etc. And thanks to its modular design, all components can be handled and set up manually.

A robust push/pull bridge allows the use of all models of push/pull brakes (for electrical CPTu testing) and GeoMil measuring heads (for mechanical CPT testing).


Reliable, versatile and easy to use
Economical model
Quick-connect hose set.


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


Static penetrometer with console mounted hydraulic control panel
Hydraulic power pack with heat engine (stand alone)
Hydraulic rod brake integrated into the drilling beam
Hydraulic anchoring system Hygand
2 anchoring beams and 4 anchoring augers (usual diameters: 430 or 330mm).


Petrol engine HONDA GX 390 (hydraulic power pack 100-P)
Diesel engine HATZ 1850 (hydraulic power pack 100-D)
Electric motor ERIKS EMK B34-132 ALU (hydraulic power pack 100-E).


Thrust speed calibrated at 20 mm/sec for CPT tests
Speed (unloaded): 125 mm/sec up and 160 mm/sec down.


Data acquisition system (required for electrical CPT tests)
Transport trolley on wheels for CPT rods.

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