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Continuous flight augers

Apageo offers you different types of augers adapted to each of your applications. Continuous helical augers are the most commonly used. Our augers are manufactured in our factories with specific and unique auger robots as well as quality materials, according to a manufacturing procedure that guarantees the solidity and durability of these materials. A very large stock allows us to meet all your needs.

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Our continuous helical augers are manufactured in our factories in accordance with current manufacturing standards and the rules of the trade. They have many advantages over the basic augers often offered on this market, including

  • Hexagonal body (Hex Auger)
  • Hard metal stellited coils (ensuring a much longer life)
  • Weld the coils to the top AND bottom.

They offer a much higher resistance (less breakage) and a longer life span to reduce your production costs and guarantee the best output for your sites, in complete safety.

Our range consists of the following diameters: 63, 75, 80, 100, 114, 140, 152, 178, 225 and 254mm. Each diameter has a hexagonal connection as standard (with some diameters having a choice of 2 hexagonal connections). Standard lengths held in stock are 500, 750, 1000 and 1500mm but other lengths can be considered on request.

We also supply complete hand augers for shallow drilling or sampling in diameters 35, 46, 63, 80, 100, 125 and 150.

In the interest of improving our products and the safety of people and property, we would like to provide you with some advice and recommendations on the use of augers. Indeed, the use of the continuous helical auger tool in unsuitable conditions can cause serious or even fatal accidents. Therefore you should :

  • Ensure that each auger is in perfect condition before use
  • Using an auger guide on your drill
  • Use the right drilling parameters: torque, speed and tool pressure, depending on the auger diameter
  • Your auger drive shafts should be equipped with a bellows.

Under no circumstances should you :

  • You approach this tool during drilling (risk of entrapment)
  • Clean this tool with your hands (risk of entrapment)
  • Use the tool in the case of excessive or irregular wear, twisted cores, damaged coils, lack of continuity between them etc.


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