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APAGEO is a French company founded in 1984 that manufactures and markets a complete range of drilling and geotechnical equipment. Today, it is a leading company in this field both nationally and internationally.

APAGEO was founded on solid human values, favouring listening, sharing experience and the desire for quality work. Heir to the know-how of Louis Ménard, APAGEO has been working for over 30 years to meet your expectations, understand your needs and the constraints of your sites.

Its continuous internal and external development combined with exclusive partnerships make APAGEO the leader in the various drilling and geotechnical markets.

APAGEO was created in 1984 by Robert ROBIN, former Sales Director of Techniques Louis Ménard, assisted by Michel GAMBIN, Scientific Director. He took over the manufacture of the Ménard pressure meter and continued the expansion of this unique product both nationally and internationally.
Development of geotechnical equipment offer
Apageo quickly expanded its offer to include the equipment necessary for drilling, including augers, tubes, rods and tools.
Acquisition of core drilling equipment manufacturer Segelm
Apageo acquires the company Segelm, a specialist core drilling manufacturer, and thus acquires lasting expertise in the manufacture of core drilling equipment: conventional core drills (T, T2, T6 and triplex), Wireline core drills (Q Series), crowns and accessories.
1st Apafor® machine
Apageo starts manufacturing a range of versatile drilling machines. Starting with light models, the range was gradually extended to more powerful models and today we have more than 16 references of APAFOR® machines.
1992 à 1995
SPAD data acquisition (1992) and Pressio software (1995) and Explofor® drilling data recorder
Electronic and computer skills were added to our know-how and enabled us to introduce the first pressuremeter data loggers and the first data processing software. The range is then completed with the first Explofor® drilling data recorder.
Geomatech merger
Apageo and Geomatech have joined forces to offer an ever more complete, high-quality and innovative range of services.
2002 à 2009
Continuous development of the 3 manufacturing divisions: Drilling rigs, Drilling Equipment and In Situ Equipment
Apageo is continuing to expand by extending its range in each area of expertise in order to offer ever more solutions. This development concerns in particular geotechnical equipment and Apageo is increasingly opening up to the foundation drilling, water drilling and environmental drilling sectors. The mining sector is also becoming increasingly important.
Development of GeoBOX® and GeoPAC® offers
The arrival of the GeoBOX® central acquisition unit revolutionises the market by simplifying data acquisition for multiple geotechnical works. Apageo also offers new approaches to pressure measurement in the field by developing a range of intelligent and auto-controlled Menard pressuremeters: GeoPAC® and HyperPAC®.
Integration of the boiler making company CIP
APAGEO acquires its main supplier of chassis and mechanically welded parts, CIP (Chaudronnerie Industrielle du Perche), in order to further expand its internal production capacity and to master all the mechanical parts used in the manufacture of the machines.
The grouping of the 3 companies, Apageo, Geomatech and CIP, naturally brings a strong and efficient synergy and reinforces their position on the market. Spread over the 3 sites, the total material resources are spread over a total surface area of more than 7500 m² of workshops. The staff includes a total of 80 people with all the necessary skills to ensure the manufacture and marketing of equipment.
New partnerships for drilling equipment and foundations
Apageo is strengthening its range of equipment, particularly in foundation drilling, water drilling and mining exploration, with new exclusive partnerships, which will be added to the network of renowned partners who have already been working together for many years.
These new partners include Valco (American manufacturer of oilfield tricones, water drilling, directional drilling, and geothermal energy), SonicSampDrill (Dutch manufacturer of Sonic drilling rigs and equipment), Sysbohr (German manufacturer of specific drilling equipment such as roto-perforated casings, Sysbohr (German manufacturer of specific drilling equipment such as rotary-percussion casing, cased drilling and jet grouting) as well as direct contacts with mines of drilling mud products and additives, thus allowing a direct supply at the source of high quality products marketed in conjunction with the products manufactured in the group's factories.
APAGEO is thus definitively positioned as a leader in the various drilling and geotechnical markets with the most qualitative and complete global offer available.
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