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Independent rod/tube handling and extraction systems

Apageo offers independent handling systems for your drill pipes and tubes, as well as extraction systems as additional equipment for your machines.

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Independent handling system

To handle your drill pipes and tubes, we offer you independent handling systems. These manipulators allow you to improve efficiency, secure the working environment and facilitate handling for the operators. All operations can be carried out by a single operator. 2 systems are available.

The ManipALL system was originally developed to be installed on Sonic drills to facilitate handling given the heavy weight of the sonic rods and tubes. Due to its success, it is now designed for installation on different types of drills or carriers (trailers, escort trucks, etc.). The ManipALL system is equipped with an articulated arm with two synchronised clamps and/or an electromagnet.
Two models have been developed:

  • ManipALL 200: small model, for loads up to 100kg and rod/tube diameters from 75 to 275mm (depending on the clamp used)
  • ManipAll 300: large model, for loads up to 300kg and rod/tube diameters from 114 to 325mm (depending on clamps used).

The Sysbohr system: Sysbohr hydraulic rod and tube manipulator to be installed on an excavator or any other machine equipped with a hydraulic arm. It is available in 2 models: Double Jaws and Triple Jaws, with a clamping force of 4900 daN for rods and tubes from 63.5 to 219mm (double jaws) or 250mm (triple jaws). Each model has a hydraulic rotation for angles from 0 to 110°.

Hydraulic extractor

Ideal for heavy dynamic penetrometers or low-powered drilling machines, we offer 3 models of hydraulic extractors with small dimensions and very easy to use to ensure the safe removal of your drill strings or tubes subject to the constraints of the ground:

  • Hydraulic double cylinder extractor 8 tonnes
  • 15 ton hydraulic ring puller
  • Autonomous thermal extractor with Honda 9 ton engine.

Of course, we offer different models of ball or cam brake anvils with each extractor, depending on the rods or casings used.


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