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Sonic destructive drilling

We offer a wide range of equipment for Sonic destructive drilling, adapted to the type of terrain and/or the method used (casing or direct drilling, with or without drilling mud, etc.)

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Sonic drilling is faster and more efficient than all conventional drilling techniques (down the hole hammer, vibratory head, etc.), ensuring almost no deviation, even in very difficult terrain, and does not require the use of a compressor (air drilling is also possible if desired). This technique guarantees extremely low operating costs, minimal noise pollution and no harm to the surrounding terrain.

Our range of Sonic equipment for destructive drilling is very wide to meet the different needs. Rods and casings are very thick, necessarily linked to the power of the sonic head. In addition, casing diameters can be up to 12" (300mm).

The drilling tools are adapted according to the type of soil: tungsten carbide cutters, destructive crowns, lost tools, etc... adapted from soft soils to very hard rock or cement concrete, including gravel, pebbles, etc... These tools are now regularly used by the largest foundation companies, particularly in their anchoring projects, micro-piles, grouting, etc... and by renowned mining or geotechnical companies.

The installation of foundation equipment is generally done directly inside a casing, the drilling being cased in advance with lost tools, which further increases the speed of execution while benefiting from a directly cased borehole so that the ground does not collapse.
If the ground is very hard and homogeneous, tools such as cutters or tungsten crowns represent the optimal solution. Depending on the variety of layers drilled, one and the same tool can be used, thus avoiding the need to move up the drill string to change tools, which again saves a lot of time.


  • Foundation drilling
  • Geotechnics
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Environmental drilling
  • Water drilling / Geothermal energy.


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