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SHARK semi-submersible system

The SHARK semi-submersible system has been designed to perform high quality CPT(u) tests in a marine environment with little or no environmental influence during such work.

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The SHARK has already been very successful and has enabled various nearshore works to be carried out for many companies that do not have the appropriate facilities (e.g. lifting platform) to carry out such works. Each system is generally designed according to project specifications to offer greater flexibility and reduced marine equipment costs (no self-lifting platform).

The SHARK is designed specifically for shallow marine CPT(u) projects (nearshore or near shore). Basically, water depths (column) of 2.00 to 30.00 metres can be considered. It is the ideal tool for CPT work in ports, waterways, rivers and canals.

This system can be used in a simple way with basic marine equipment generally available in coastal areas around the world. For installation, if the barge does not have a moonpool, an additional special frame is supplied with the system, to be installed on the side of the barge.

The transport of the equipment can be done with a 40' container. Mobilisation and installation of the equipment can be done in 4-6 hours. The equipment can be transported quickly between ports and different coastal sites. In addition, the ability to transport the equipment by road allows it to be brought to sites where other larger marine equipment cannot access. With some modifications, the system is suitable for deployment at port docks.

The SHARK system is modular and its configuration allows CPT(u) tests to be carried out at a maximum push force of 200kN. However, if the maximum thrust force is not required and/or the barge or site is not suitable for the weight of the complete system, it can be reduced in size to allow for easy set-up. The complete system (SHARK system, Penetrometer and equipment) can be transported in a standard 40' container.


Ideal for CPT work in harbours, waterways, rivers and canals
CPT testing up to 200kN
Optimal solution for marine testing without a self-elevating platform
Reduced risk of equipment breakage or loss, which is quite high in marine work.


  • CPT(u) marine (Nearshore) CPT electrical works
  • Core sampling by drilling.


SHARK reaction frame, adjusted with different ballasts according to need (up to 25 Tons)
Working platform cantilevered on marine carrier or quay
200kN penetrometer : 2 hydraulic cylinders with 1150 mm stroke
Hydraulic rod brake integrated in the drilling beam in the frame
Casing manipulator
Specific racks for casings (standpipe) and Penetrometer with equipment
Rod rack with articulated arm for cabled rods
CPT(u) data acquisition system.


Capacity 200kN push and 250kN pull
Penetrometer stroke: 1150mm
Adjustable push speed: 0 to 22mm/s (adjustable)
Speed (no-load): 0 to 40mm/sec up and down.


Depending on the work planned and the equipment available on site.

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