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200kN static penetrometer on tracks LYNX200

The LYNX200 is a lightweight static penetrometer designed for CPT(u) testing at 200kN in confined or difficult to access spaces.

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The LYNX200 200kN static penetrometer is a lightweight and compact self-propelled crawler-mounted penetrometer designed for CPT(u) testing in confined or hard-to-reach areas, where 20-tonne cab-type penetrometers on a large crawler and/or truck cannot be deployed.
The remote control unit controls the movement of the unit, the hydraulic stabilising feet and the anchorage.
The track roller fitted to this penetrometer has a variable track width of 780 to 1160mm to allow it to pass through tight areas and provide stability even on steep terrain.

The 200kN thrust system (above centrally mounted and parallel to the alignment of the anchors) as well as the anchoring system allows for an optimal reaction force considering the weight of this unit.
The anchoring is done by means of a rotation motor integrated on the machine, with synchronised thrust, allowing for a simple and quick set up. 4 anchoring points are made and placed in the direction of the length of the equipment. The reaction force created by the anchor depends on the soil conditions and type. With the anchor extension rods, it is possible to consider 110 kN with 2 anchors and up to 200 kN with 4 anchors if the conditions are optimal.

The push/pull bridge integrated into the penetrometer allows the use of all push/pull brake models, either hydraulic or mechanical (for electrical CPT tests) and measuring heads (for mechanical CPT tests).

Four hydraulic stabilisation cylinders allow levelling by compensating for unevenness in the ground as required.

Access is easy and the rack containing the CPT rods is removable and can be moved to the optimal working position. This penetrometer is designed to use all the CPT materials (mechanical and electrical cones, rods, etc...) existing on the market which are integrated on the machine making it fully equipped.

This penetrometer is equipped with a HATZ 13 HP motor, which is soundproofed to reduce noise pollution.


Lightweight and compact
Ideal for confined or hard to reach spaces
CPT test up to 200kN
Integrated hydraulic rod brake.


  • Electrical and mechanical CPT test
  • Core sampling by drilling.


Rigid welded frame integrated on a variable track crawler from 780 to 1160 mm
Radio control
200kN penetrometer: 2 hydraulic cylinders with 1150 mm stroke protection
Integrated rotation head for anchoring augers
Control panel mounted on panel next to the penetrometer
Hydraulic rod brake integrated in the drilling beam
Rod rack
Anchoring augers (430 or 330 mm).


HATZ 13 HP diesel engine.


Stroke: 1150 mm
Push/pull capacity: 200 kN / 260 kN
Regulated speed 20 mm / sec
No-load ascent speed: 105 mm / sec
No-load descent speed: 145 mm/ sec.


Data acquisition system (required for electrical CPT tests)
Waterproof, swivel-mounted protective case for PC and data acquisition system.

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