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Sonic core barrels

Sonic corers are the optimal method for coring a wide range of formations, from soft to hard, with the highest recovery rates, and can sample soils that were previously impossible.

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With sonic corers, the speed of completion and recovery rates are unmatched by any other conventional method. Non-injection coring is possible with the large Sonic corers, and water injection is limited and does not destroy or damage the core. Cores can be available with front injection holes to cool the carbides, and rear discharge holes to facilitate upward movement of the cuttings.

The sonic method also ensures straight drilling, ideal for construction (strictly compliant foundations), mining (precise location of the borehole) and for the installation of monitoring equipment (inclinometer and monitoring).
In mining, core drilling is fast for increased profitability, with no deviations and 100% recovery rates for accurate layer thicknesses and sample compositions. Geotechnical work benefits from the same advantages.
In environmental drilling, coring can be done without water or air injection, making it perfectly suited for surveys of polluted sites, nuclear, oilfields, etc. The method allows precise location of impermeable soil layers. The Sonic is also greatly appreciated in archaeological surveys due to the minimal alteration of the excavations.


  • Mining survey
  • Geotechnics and infrastructure
  • Environmental drilling
  • Sewage drilling / Well installation
  • Archaeological surveys.


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