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Roto-percussion cutter out of hole

Apageo offers a complete range of quality off-hole rotary-percussion bits for your off-hole hydraulic hammer drilling. Our large stock enables us to respond to your site emergencies.

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Our range of off-hole rotary-percussion bits are produced in all conventional diameters and even some so-called off-hole diameters. We can supply you with drill bits from 43mm to 152mm diameter.

There are five choices of cutters available to best suit the nature of the soil to be drilled:

Cross cutter

cross cutter

Cross cutter retro

retro cross cutter

Button cutters

button cutter

Retro Button Trimmer

retro button cutter

2L cutter (only on certain diameters)

Cutter type 2L

The majority of bits available from stock are R32 and R38 threads, however other threads are also available from stock or on request (R25, T38, T45, etc...)


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