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Apafor® 700 drilling rig 

The APAFOR® 700 is a range of deep drilling rigs dedicated to water drilling, geothermal drilling, foundation drilling or mining drilling, depending on the chosen configuration. Each model is designed and manufactured according to the project and/or the customer's wishes.

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The Apafor® 700 range of drilling rigs are powerful drilling machines dedicated to large diameter and/or deep drilling, typically in water drilling or geothermal drilling, but can also be configured for foundation drilling or even mining.

This drilling rig is capable of performing various drilling techniques, such as destructive drilling (rotary, down the hole hammer, augers), Reverse Circulation (RC) with mud or air, RAB, Wireline coring, etc. depending on the defined configuration.

The precise technical specifications are established according to the project and/or the customer's wishes. This is why the technical specifications of this range of drills present a wide range of performances and technical elements (which it is possible to consider). The customer can choose the performances he wants (to be validated according to the request) or specify his project (in particular diameters and depth targeted) so that we define the most adapted characteristics. In this way, the drill has the optimum technical specifications to best meet the users' needs.

It can also be configured on a truck, crawler or chassis. The integrated components (e.g. auxiliary motor, injection pump, double rod brake, handling winch, etc.) make the drill very versatile and fully autonomous.

Depending on the project, turnkey solutions with all necessary additional equipment can be offered: drilling equipment, air compressor, service truck and carriers, etc.


Powerful and easy to use drill
Large diameter and deep drilling up to 500 meters and more (depending on diameter)
Configuration on truck (any type, tropicalised on request), crawler or chassis
Specific and optimal technical characteristics according to specifications
Complete turnkey offer according to needs (with equipment, compressors, carriers, etc...)


  • Destructive rotary drilling, down-the-hole hammer and auger
  • RC (Reverse Circulation) drilling
  • Conventional and Wireline Coring
  • Optimal for deep water drilling, geothermal energy, foundations and mineral drilling (core drilling and RC).


Welded chassis integrated into the carrier
4 hydraulic stabilisation cylinders
Control on integrated control panel or on articulated arm
Hydraulic injection pump (performance depending on model, up to 2,500 l/min)


Engine from 90 to 300 HP (depending on model).


Traction 8 to 30 Tons
Torque 600 to 3 000 daN.m
Speed 150 to 1 200 rpm



Hydraulic injection pump (wide choice depending on version):
Handling winch
Double hydraulic rod brake
Rock feed system
Different hydraulic handling systems (type Handling arms) for drill rods and pipes
Specific options and technical features different from the above possibilities (defined on specifications) can also be proposed.


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