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Explofor® 3 and 4

Apageo has been designing, developing and manufacturing drilling data recorder for many years. Discover our current ExploFOR®3 & the latest ExploFOR®4 drilling data recorder (including activity management). These modern, high-performance equipment work with our GeoBOX® central data acquisition unit and are suitable for any hydraulic machine.

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The ExploFOR® 3 enables the recording of drilling parameters, during the drilling process with a view to collecting real time information on the soil profile. It aslo allows to carry out cavity searches (vacuum) by allowing the measurement and the recording of the depth of the drilling of the vacuum descent (optional).

And if you wish add, in addition to the functions of the ExploFOR®3, in particular time-based recordings of the various activities on the site (core drilling, cementing, various breakdowns, etc.) in order to analyse the execution time of each operation and to monitor your teams more effectively, the ExploFOR®4 is the solution.

The ExploFOR® 3 & 4 are highly advanced edge equipment, that centralizes drilling data right through the central unit GeoBOX®. The whole  devices are space-saving and can be installed very quickly on any type of hydraulic drilling rig.

The ExploFOR® 3 & 4 record the following basic parameters:

  • Advance rate (depth and penetration speed)
  • Rotating torque of the rotary head
  • Pushing force (thrust) on drilling bits
  • Injection pressure of drilling fluid

Many other parameters (up to 13 in total) can be recorded as an option: VIR® (Instantaneous Rotation Speed sensor), holding pressure (e.g. for cavity search or better support accuracy), flow rate, inclination, GPS position etc. In addition, a special model has been developed for Sonic drills to record the parameters related to this specific technology

In addition, the Manual Input module, included with the Explofor, allows you to enter the lithology of a borehole live, to obtain a complete log instantly and on site. And if coupled with the 4G Modem option, this module allows you to increase and customise the list of input parameters (water level, equipment, casing etc.).

The data can be instantly viewed on the screen to the desired depth, and the recordings can be directly processed by our data processing software GeoVISION® - F. The data is transferred via USB key or optionally via 4G system.


ExploFOR® 3
Suitable for all types of hydraulic drilling rigs
Adapted to difficult site conditions
Space-saving and quick to install
Data acquisition via WIFI on GeoBOX® or optional cable
Instant profile display on GeoBOX®
Transmission via 4G (optional)

Additional benefits of the ExploFOR® 4
Recording of drilling related activities
Recording of calibrations (dry/with rod) in parallel with drilling
Recording of the status of different operations over time
Synchronisation of activities, shifts and workload with GeoVISION® (requires 4G option).


Robust reel with electromagnetic brake for rewinding the cable
Three pressure sensors (and up to 8 as an option)
Bypass box centralising the sensors and communicating the data to the GeoBOX®.


Complete kit allowing the installation of the equipment on any type of hydraulic machine
VIR® (Instantaneous Rotation Speed)
All-fluid flowmeter
GPS antenna
Additional pressure sensors (10, 20, 60, 100 or 400 bar) for measuring the holding pressure and/or Sonic frequency and/or etc.


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