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Auto-Controlled Pressuremeters

Following in the footsteps of Louis Ménard, Apageo offers you a range of unique instruments: the Ménard Auto-Controlled Pressuremeters, controlled by GeoBOX®. These pressuremeters are the only devices on the market that allow pressuremeter tests to be carried out in a completely automatic and autonomous way, for each test (calibration, pressuremeter, purging, etc.) and for the entire procedure from pressurisation, unwinding/adjustment of the bearings, to deflation of the probe.

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Discover our range of Auto-Controlled Pressuremeters, driven by GeoBOX® :


Available in 2 models: 5MPa and 10 MPa.
The ingenuity of this system is based, among other things, on the physical separation of the 2 circuits necessary to carry out the pressuremeter tests (gas and water), thus distinguishing itself from all pressuremeter equipment available on the market. Thanks to this technology on the water circuit, the precision achieved on the volume regulation is unequalled.


A pressuremeter borehole must be drilled beforehand: undisturbed walls, diameter adapted to that of the probe (63mm or 76mm), surrounding soils as little disturbed as possible.
Once the probe is positioned at the desired level, the operator, via the GeoBOX® , orders the execution of the test. From then on, the test is carried out completely autonomously (variation of pressure levels, management of differential pressure, deflation, etc.) and the operator can supervise the process on his screen as well as the curve and intervene during the test if he wishes.


Standard static loading tests of a soil in place by means of a radially expandable cylindrical probe inserted into a borehole
Fully parameterisable cyclic tests
Controlled volume tests
Sinusoidal mode tests


HyperPAC® (High Pressure)

Available in 2 models: 25MPa and 30 MPa.
It allows very high pressure tests to be carried out on very hard rock and soil.
The ingenuity of the system is based on a unique water circuit, mechanically pressurised to carry out pressure tests with impeccable reproducibility. Specific probes have been developed to withstand the very high pressures.


A hole must be drilled beforehand by core drilling or roto-percussive methods, with a diameter adapted to that of the single-cell probe (47 or 48 mm).
Once the probe is positioned at the desired level, the operator, via GeoBOX® , orders the execution of the test. From then on, the test is carried out completely autonomously, just like GeoPAC®.


Standard static loading tests in very hard soils (above 10 MPa) and soft to very hard rocks with a single cell probe
Fully configurable cyclic tests

As with a GeoSPAD2® manual pressuremeter, the tests made with GeoPAC® or HyperPAC® are saved on the GeoBOX® (without time limit) and then transferred by GPRS (option) or USB key and processed on the GeoVISION® software.



Simple pressuremeter tests because they are totally self-controlled
Control and data acquisition on the GeoBOX® central unit (adapted for acquisition of other geotechnical data)
Complete automatic management from the expansion procedure to the deflation of the probe, for each test (calibration, calibration, pressuremeter, purging, etc.)
Automation of the variation of the pressure levels with a unique precision according to the resistance to obtain a perfect test!
Perfect control of regulation and differential pressure
Time saved on site and therefore better productivity (the operator can prepare the rest of the work when the test is carried out automatically)
Reliability of results and elimination of the risk of errors in implementation and/or data collection and/or subsequent computer entry
Very low nitrogen consumption (GeoPAC®).


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