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MANTA Submersible Penetrometer

The MANTA submersible penetrometer represents a unique, state-of-the-art static penetrometer system for nearshore and especially offshore CPT testing, for depths ranging from 150 to 1500 metres as standard and up to 4000m with options.

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The MANTA submersible penetrometer range includes unique models on the market for deep sea CPT testing. The unit complements the range of offshore and inshore systems: SHARK® and ORCA. The various MANTAs have been used in large-scale offshore CPT projects around the world.

There are 3 basic configurations:

  • MANTA SW (shallow: maximum 150m)
  • MANTA MDW (medium depth: maximum 500m)
  • MANTA DW (great depth: maximum 1500m).

With optional modifications, operations with water depths of up to 4000 m are possible.

MANTA® can be deployed from a stable positioned vessel or platform and is a versatile device that provides fast and reliable results.

A special continuous motion system has been developed and patented, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted CPT cone advance, thus providing high productivity gains. The MANTA® Submersible Penetrometer can extract the CPT drill string faster than any existing system. The system can run on the ship's generator or on batteries only, and can work independently for data collection.

The MANTA® Penetrometer comes with a submersible hydro-electric power supply (10 kW), which represents an innovative solution package. A power management system has been specially designed and integrated to reduce the power consumption of the umbilical cable transmission.


Deep sea CPT testing up to 200kN (250kN optional)
Faster CPT operations than any other system on the market
Specific continuous thrust movement system for uninterrupted advance
Modular submersible chassis, project adjusted and interchangeable
Transportable in a standard 20' container (even with winch option)


  • Offshore and Nearshore marine CPT(u) work
  • Core sampling by drilling.


MANTA project-configured submersible chassis (5 to 28 tonnes)
Continuous motion transmission system
Pressure compensated powerpack
MANTA hoist frame (available in various configurations / exchangeable)
Umbilical cable with winch
Integrated surface control and real-time data acquisition system
Start and end position sensor
Various other data sensors.


Thrust capacity: 0 to 200 kN (depending on weight), 250kN optional
Penetration speed (push): 0 to 80 mm/s
Pull speed: 0 to 80 mm/s.


Lifting winch (various configurations possible)
Rope tensioner (constant tension)
Umbilical winch (constant tension)
Various configurations of submersible and lifting frames

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